Update: Tri Training! #CohassetTri 2015

Most of us in the Northeast are saying this but it's really true - I'm loving this season so far. Between hanging out in my yard gardening (and beekeeping!) and exercising (running, biking, kayaking), I'm making up for a lot of time stuck inside this winter. One of my major motivations is coming up this weekend! I am participating in the Cohasset Triathlon, my very first one. I've acquired a bike, rented a tri wetsuit, and have been swimming/biking/running like mad so I think I'm ready! I can't wait and will definitely report back here when it's over.
Watch out, sharks
Today was my first day in the ocean with a wetsuit! I rented one from Tri Wetsuit Rentals which sent it in plenty of time to get a few practice sessions in. I've been taking swim lessons with Kate from Portside Athletics but it was very different doing the quarter mile swim in the ocean versus the pool!
The bike portion of the race is 12 somewhat hilly miles so I've been practicing that too. It helps that it is a particularly gorgeous route. 

For running I've just been doing my usual 2-3 miles once or twice a week. I did a speed workout last weekend (one mile warm up, one mile on the track sprinting the straight 100s and jogging the turns, one mile cool down) and it felt great (while also kicking my ass).

It's supposed to rain on Sunday but I'm feeling ready. What are you training for this summer??

#Instagram Round-up: May 2015

While April was the month that kicked my $%&, May was a breath of fresh air. I caught up on so many things I had on the back burner for ages and had several great shoots as well. Boat time, road races, gardening, BEE KEEPING (more on this later...), and spending as much time outside as possible. So happy that summer is finally here!!!

Promo Photos for @JPPilates Stroller Camp and Safety1st in Charlestown, MA

Talk about a new spin! I recently teamed up again with Jenn Phelan who I've shot many times but this shoot was a little different since she brought her 15-month-old son along! She was teaching some "Stroller Camp" classes for the Safety1st pop-up store in Faneuil Hall and they needed some promo photos to advertise it. We had a blast and baby Grayson was a perfect model (with much help from stylist Keely Witkowski/b.fetching and Jenn's husband Ryan).

Here's the one that made the cut (and a few others we liked!):

Styled by: b.fetching
Jenn's Clothes: Nike
Grayon's Clothes: babyGap

Resurfacing and #Instagram Round-up: April 2015

Have you ever had a month kick your ass completely? In a good way? That was April for me. I was wrapping up both my Boston Marathon project for this year as well as a part-time job I've had for almost three years at Jim Scherer's studio in Dorchester, I had a whole bunch of photo shoots, and then at the very end of April I got married. Whew! I have spent last week up through today coming up for air and it feels pretty great to navigate this new chapter in my life.
The marathon was freezing and rainy but also exhilarating as ever. I watched it with my friend Mary at the Heartbreak Hill Running Company which was taken over by Nike for the day for a huge spectating block party. I spent the rest of the month photographing some pretty amazing clients including the Boston Cannons Dance Team (who all fit in my studio at once!). The wedding went off without a hitch and we had a total blast, despite our massive amounts of anxiety leading up to the weekend.

And then - hooray - it was May. Now I can breathe again, freelancing full-time, and I'm looking forward to shooting even more, especially outside since the weather has taken a turn for the better! Hope your spring is treating you well too and you're getting some time in the sun. :)

#OneBostonDay and More Runners from the Why I Run: 2015 Project

Today Boston will be observing a moment of silence at 2:49pm to honor those affected by the Boston Marathon bombing that took place two years ago. It's a beautiful sunny morning here but I know my mind will be on that day, the victims, and everything that has happened since April 15, 2013.

It seems fitting that I introduce more runners from my Boston Marathon project, including those who were inspired to run 2015 by the events that took place two years ago:
Kendra Campbell was a teacher at the school where Martin Richards and his sister Jane attended. She is running for Team MR8 which was created in memory of Martin.
Kim is running her first marathon for the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation.
Lauren is running with Team in Training in memory of her father who died of Hodgkin's Lymphoma when she was a baby.
Cassi is an educator and mom of three who is running for Boston Children's Hospital.

Want to read more? Their full stories (and others) can be found at: http://www.luciewickerphotography.com/why-i-run-a-boston-marathon-2015-project

Looking forward to cheering on these ladies and everyone else who will be running in less than a week! Will you be there?

#Instagram Round-up: March 2015

In between snowstorms, March had a lot going on! Some fun events with Essentia Water and Kit and Ace, snowmobiling, Turnstyle Cycle, and of course my awesome marathon runners.

Hope March went in like a lion and out like a lamb for you! What are you plans for this spring?

Why I Run: A Boston Marathon 2015 Project in Full Swing

I was so awe inspired by the runners I photographed last year for my Why I Run: A Boston Marathon 2014 Project that while I was looking forward to meeting new runners this year, I did not expect to be blown away by their stories... but so far, I have been! These ladies are amazing for so many reasons and here are a few:
Kate is an attorney and mom of 3 year old twins who runs for Cops for Kids with Cancer
Kate's Fundraising Page: https://www.crowdrise.com/KateRunsBoston2015/fundraiser/katesullivan1
Katie is running her very first marathon in memory of her cousin, Mike Kennedy, who was one of two firefighters who died in the line of duty last year in Boston. 
Sharon is a first grade teacher training for her 17th marathon (12th Boston!). Sharon runs in memory of several close friends and raises money for Dana Farber. 
Adrienne has three children under the age of four, a full-time job, and multiple sclerosis yet she still finds time to train for her 11th marathon (8th Boston)!

Want to read more? Their full stories (and others) can be found at: http://www.luciewickerphotography.com/why-i-run-a-boston-marathon-2015-project

I'll be featuring more runners and their reasons for running this year's Boston Marathon soon! Stay tuned!

Instagram Round-up for February AND #DYOT Book Giveaway Winner

And now... my Instagram re-cap. February was a hard month around these parts. So much snow, cold, disabled trains, traffic... you get the idea. But there was some fun stuff too like photographing some really incredible runners for my Boston Marathon project, snowshoeing with my brother, photographing at East Side Yoga and Fitness studio in Southie, testing with Madison Claire Fitness (more on that down the road!) and getting my first promo mailing of the year designed, packaged and out the door. Whew!
And now... thanks to everyone to entered the giveaway to win "Do Your Om Thing" by Rebecca Pacheco. The winner by random drawing is.... Sharon D.! Congrats Sharon, I think you will really love reading it.

Behind the Scenes: An Interview with OmGal, Rebecca Pacheco

I'm so psyched to post a special interview with a special person on my blog today. Meet Rebecca Pacheco - aka OmGal - yoga enthusiast and now a published author. I met Rebecca last year when she participated in my "Why I Run" Boston Marathon project and we stayed in touch. When she told me she was writing a book and asked me to shoot the headshot for the inside of the book jacket, I was beyond thrilled.
Here's my interview with Rebecca (who has been kind enough to do a book giveaway! Deets at the end of the interview):

Hi Rebecca! Tell us a little about yourself: If my life in yoga years were a person, sheโ€™d be able to vote! I began doing yoga at the age of 16. In addition to teaching yoga, Iโ€™ve also worked with at-risk youth at a nonprofit in Dorchester, in marketing at a magazine, and as a consultant. Iโ€™m now a solopreneuer (like you, Lucie). Which means we are the bossesโ€ฆ and the assistantsโ€ฆ and the janitors. My first book comes out on March 3. Itโ€™s pretty surreal. Writing a book has been a lifelong dream (I majored in English Literature). Yoga became the medium through which I write and tell stories.

Tell us about your new book: Itโ€™s less of the fitness and flexibility we all know so well about yoga and more of the traditionโ€™s meaning and philosophy, yet made modern and relatable to life for the modern yogi.
What did you hope to bring to the community (or world?) with this book: The world doesnโ€™t need another idealized image of yoga. My goal was to be real and give people a better understanding of how yoga applies to real life. I wanted to give the world a yoga book that they would actually read. I also really hope it makes people laugh. Humor is high art to me.

What was the writing experience like? Would you ever consider doing it again? I have always thought of myself as a writer. The experience was hard, stressful, and painstaking at times. Even friends who are both mothers and published authors will say that itโ€™s like childbirth (Iโ€™ll have to keep you posted for when I do have a child!). But writing is what I was meant to do. I was the kid who got busted for staying up past my bedtime reading with a flashlight under the covers. The level of difficulty in writing a book and making a living as a professional writer have never dissuaded me, so, yes, I plan to do it again. I have conceptualized three future books in my mind. One of them Iโ€™ve started writing loosely. I hope to bring that one to fruition soon. It will incorporate an athletic inspiration to my approach to yoga.

Are you planning any events around your big launch? I am! Right now, we have book tour events confirmed in Boston, Western MA, Rhode Island, Washington DC, and the Cape & Islands. There are other cities in the works, so please stay tuned!

Where can we find "Do Your Om Thing?" You can order it on Amazon now or buy it in bookstores after 3/3/15. If youโ€™re in Boston, definitely come to two of the best indie bookstores on earth in the Brookline Booksmith on March 4th and Trident Booksellers on March 9th. They are seriously two of my favorite places in the city. I canโ€™t wait to see everyone there and write some love notes to readers, students, and friends on the title pages of some books.
Thanks Rebecca and congratulations!!! 

Keep in touch with Rebecca:
RebeccaPacheco.com | OmGal.com
twitter: @omgal
instagram: @omgal
Facebook: @omgalblog

If you'd like a chance at winning Do Your Om Thing, leave a comment below. One winner* will be chosen at random on March 6th and will be announced here on the blog so check back in a week. Good luck!

*book can be shipped to a US address only

note: this post does contain affiliate links; however, all opinions are my own

Why I Run: A Boston Marathon 2015 Project Has Begun

I'm so thrilled to share the first three participants in the latest installment of my Boston Marathon 2015 "Why I Run" project. These fine ladies braved the elements this weekend to run and pose for me and I'm so grateful! Once again I find myself blown away by these runners' dedication and reasons for doing what they do. I'm still working on collecting their stories but when I do, the will be posted here. Check back soon to see them go up!

Also, I'm still accepting participants for this years' project- if you or anyone you know is living and training on the South Shore, let me know!

#Instagram Round-up: January 2015

Is it spring yet?! No?! Last month we had, shall we say, photographically inspiring weather and lots of it. February is promising more although at this point I am more inspired to stay inside than I am to go out and photograph it! I can't stay inside for long though and I'm already planning some outdoor winter sports shoots which I am looking forward to sharing. Bundle up!

How has your 2015 been so far?

Snow Day in Cohasset

To most New Englanders, a snowy day in January is nothing to get excited about. This was the first big one we have had since I moved to Cohasset though and I just couldn't help myself! It transformed the landscape I've started getting used to into something new entirely.

With more snow expected this week, more photos may be coming soon! Or I may just stay inside and stay warm...

Happy 2015! and December #Instagram Round-up

I took a much needed work break over the holidays, opting to leave my laptop at home while visiting family in New England and the Midwest. It felt good but now I'm happy to be back and looking forward to a productive 2015!

Here's what December looked like on Instagram:
Special thanks to Hub Health for putting my Instagram account on their "13 Local Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following Now!"

Hope you had a wonderful holiday season! What are you plans for 2015?

Why I Run: A Boston Marathon 2015 Photo Project

Laura in Cohasset. Isn't it gorgeous?!
If you've been reading this blog for a while then you probably remember that this past winter/spring I began a project about people who live and train in Boston who were running the 2014 Boston Marathon. I did this for a variety of reasons, most of which can be summed up in this article. As winter sets in and winter training schedules start popping up on my social media feed, I started to think about resurrecting the project with a new angle for 2015, this time focusing on people who live and train on the South Shore.

Moving to Cohasset last summer was a big change for me. While only 20 miles south of the city I called home for most of my life, I was moving to an area I barely knew and a community where I knew no one. When thinking about the new angle of my marathon project, I thought of it as a way to meet South Shore people in the running community and also a chance to explore the beautiful routes in this area. 

So I need your help! If you or anyone you know lives and/or trains in the South Shore area, I would love to hear from you. Thanks and happy running!

Behind the Scenes: An Interview with b.fetching

People my not realize this but I'm not always working alone when I'm on set with a client. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to have help in the form of a stylist or creative director and one person I work with frequently is Keely Witkowski of b.fetching. I decided to sit down with her and have her answer some questions here on the blog so you can get a better idea of all that she does! Meet the lady behind the designer shades:

How did you get into styling and fashion? Gucci, haha! My aunt use to work in Boston and wear Gucci and when I was a little girl I always looked up to her. I think that's where my spark for fashion began. I went to school for architecture because I loved design. I was always dressing my friends and family. I had a coworker back in 2009 that needed help finding something to wear to one of our restaurant opening parties. I told her that if she needed help I could shop for her on my break. She ended up wearing a purple dress I pulled for her and from there she started harassing me about becoming a stylist. She sent me articles, blogs, and websites about current stylists and told me I'd be better at it than them. It helps to have PR people that believe in you.

I had never considered fashion as a path to take because I'm not a competitive person and the fashion industry is very competitive as well as judgmental. After being harassed for a year I decided what if I did fashion my way- help people see that it's fun, refreshing, inspiring and easy! That it's there to showcase how you feel about yourself on the inside. And if you don't feel great about yourself then I can come in and help turn that around.

What kinds of services do you offer clients? I offer multiple services; closet sessions, event shopping, shopping excursions, production for photo shoots, etc, to men and women. People on a budget and with no budget. Every different person has a different need so I try to fill the shoes of what my individual clients need.
What is your role when hired for a photo shoot? Before I step foot on set, I have a prep session with the client. I need to get to know them so I can make sure that the shots represent them and jump in to help them achieve their goals. I ask them questions they wouldn't think to ask themselves. I help them create a timeline of things they'll need to do before the shoot (that could include, diet, waxing, spray tan, manicure/pedicure, hair, makeup, props, etc). We go through inspirational photos and make a list of shots we want to create. I communicate with the photographer that the clientโ€™s needs work with what the photographer can do.

From there I go shopping and pick up items to have on set for the client. Depending on the shoot it could be fashion or fitness shopping. I try to always combine them both. You can never have enough options. I love shopping for clients because I get to be them for a moment. I love how people are different and I get to take on that person and put my spin on it. We need people to sometimes see the amazing version of ourselves we can be. We can get stuck and I like to wake people up and give them a new set of eyes to what they can try. And I try to do it in a way that's not scary. That's something I picked up from architectural school; it gave me a new way of looking at things.
On set I act as an organizer; keeping the shots rolling in order, making sure we get each one, keeping hair and makeup on point, keeping the outfits in order, and minimizing the amount of time that can be wasted. I want my client to get their money's worth. This is also where I put my production hat on. We'll start in a pose and I guide the client as to face, body, hair, position, location that works best. Sometimes the best shots are stopping them when they think theyโ€™re not doing anything! I try to communicate with the photographer to make sure we're all on the same page. I'll stop and make sure what we're shooting is the direction the client wanted by going through pics pulled up on the laptop. I also try to push my clients a little to give them something fresh and new. I think the body is a beautiful thing and I like for my clients to show as much as their comfortable with (and then I push a little more!). These people work so hard on themselves why not show it off! I only believe in tasteful, artistic pictures but in most cases less is more :)

It's weird because as I list what I do it's doesn't seem to really describe it... I try to harness all my energy, passion and focus on my client to make sure they get what they're putting themselves vulnerably in front of a camera for. Dressing them seems a very small percentage of job.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thanks Keely- for this and for all that you do! Ready to connect with this talented lady? Shoot her an email at b.fetching@gmail.com!

(All photos in this posted were used with permission and provided by Keely Witkowski)

The New Studio

Here it is! My current set-up at the new studio in Cohasset. Lots of bright wooden beams and natural light. I just realized since this photo was taken I've set up a little make-up station in the corner and added a table and clothing rack too. A couch will be coming at some point and then we'll be all set! Ready to check it out in person? I'd love to have you over! :)

Instagram Round-Up: Fall

It's been a while since I did one of these, huh?! Here's a sampling of what's been going on around here this fall- porch decorating, Halloweening, figuring out how to work the heating system in the new house, photo shootin', farm-to-table dinners, beach walks, Indian summer days, cheering at the New York City Marathon, etc. Looking forward to what the rest of the season brings!

How has your fall been so far?