Instagram Round-up for February AND #DYOT Book Giveaway Winner

And now... my Instagram re-cap. February was a hard month around these parts. So much snow, cold, disabled trains, traffic... you get the idea. But there was some fun stuff too like photographing some really incredible runners for my Boston Marathon project, snowshoeing with my brother, photographing at East Side Yoga and Fitness studio in Southie, testing with Madison Claire Fitness (more on that down the road!) and getting my first promo mailing of the year designed, packaged and out the door. Whew!
And now... thanks to everyone to entered the giveaway to win "Do Your Om Thing" by Rebecca Pacheco. The winner by random drawing is.... Sharon D.! Congrats Sharon, I think you will really love reading it.

Why I Run: A Boston Marathon 2015 Project Has Begun

I'm so thrilled to share the first three participants in the latest installment of my Boston Marathon 2015 "Why I Run" project. These fine ladies braved the elements this weekend to run and pose for me and I'm so grateful! Once again I find myself blown away by these runners' dedication and reasons for doing what they do. I'm still working on collecting their stories but when I do, the will be posted here. Check back soon to see them go up!

Also, I'm still accepting participants for this years' project- if you or anyone you know is living and training on the South Shore, let me know!

#Instagram Round-up: January 2015

Is it spring yet?! No?! Last month we had, shall we say, photographically inspiring weather and lots of it. February is promising more although at this point I am more inspired to stay inside than I am to go out and photograph it! I can't stay inside for long though and I'm already planning some outdoor winter sports shoots which I am looking forward to sharing. Bundle up!

How has your 2015 been so far?

Snow Day in Cohasset

To most New Englanders, a snowy day in January is nothing to get excited about. This was the first big one we have had since I moved to Cohasset though and I just couldn't help myself! It transformed the landscape I've started getting used to into something new entirely.

With more snow expected this week, more photos may be coming soon! Or I may just stay inside and stay warm...

Instagram Round-up: February

And what a long cold month it was! The freezing temps and snow were clearly reflected in my posts for February, there was just no letting up. As much as I dislike the cold, it can be beautiful sometimes! I've also been pretty busy photographing fitness instructors and marathon runners too. Looking forward to some warmer posts soon, how have you been distracting yourself from the cold this winter?!

Peddocks Island, Boston Harbor

I am a big fan of the Boston Harbor Islands. Growing up in Boston, I was only vaguely aware of their existence. When I moved to the North End in 2006, tourism to the islands was picking up and the more I learned about their nature and history, the more interested I became in these lesser known Boston "neighborhoods." I joined the Boston Harbor Islands Alliance, which promotes tourism to the islands and funding for preservation, and I love getting out there whenever I can (see my photos from Georges Island, seals, and Spectacle Island). 

Boston's Best Cruises offers special off-season winter cruises to select islands and this year they were going to Peddocks Island. I was especially interested in this island since it's been closed to tourists for the last few years because of renovations. Despite the cold temps, my mom agreed to join me and it was definitely worth the trip-

Seaside chapel at Fort Andrews.

A distant view of the Boston skyline. 

Fort Andrews, active from 1900 through WWII.

A view of the very tip of Hull (and a 50' drop!).

Regular ferry service to the islands starts in May. For more information about the Boston Harbor Islands, check out these links:

Winter Snow Storm Report

As I'm sure many of you know, Boston was hit pretty hard by a massive snow storm a few weekends ago. It was fun to watch from the inside but I did wander out a few times to get these shots:

The night before...

...and morning after!

Apollo the snow beagle was loving it. Sounds like we can expect more snow tonight, I hope everyone in the Northeast stays warm and safe!

Night Photography in Boston

Last week my friend Amy and I went out in Boston do a little night photography. With the sun setting so early these days we were able to start at 4:30! We were psyched with the shots we were getting and it was so unseasonably warm that we wound up going out twice-

From my friend's balcony on the 31st floor-

I couldn't resist jumping in a few too-

Georges Island

Last weekend I braved the 33 degree temp outside (lots of layers is the key) and went on a special winter cruise to Georges Island in Boston Harbor. It had snowed a bit the day before and the sun was out which made for excellent shooting conditions.

Georges Island home to Fort Warren which takes up most of the 39 acres. The fort dates back to 1833 and was first used as a training camp and then to house Confederate soldier prisoners during the Civil War.

I had such a great time taking photos of not only the natural landscape but also the inside and outside of the fort (such great texture!). Here are a few shots:

The ferries will start going to Georges regularly in May and I'm already looking forward to another visit. For a complete schedule of future winter cruises, visit Boston's Best Cruises.

More Snow

We got yet another heavy snowfall this week (this one was very heavy/wet) so today when I was out in Cambridge, I took some photos. I love how in a storm when the wind is strong, it blows the snow right onto the side of buildings where it will stick for a few days afterwards:

First Baptist Church Cambridge, Central Square

Inman Square, Cambridge, MA

Quiet Time

Wow, things have been pretty quiet over here! You'd think with my time off I'd be busy working away over here, right? Wrong! I've been doing a lot of things that need to be done but nothing necessarily creative-

*cleaned/sorted/organized 90% of my office. I can see my desk again! How wonderful! Doing a huge clean out right at the very beginning of the year was so helpful, I'm really going to try to keep it up!
*read all of the magazines I've been accumulating and tossing aside since September (PDN, Cooks Illustrated, Real Simple, Food & Wine, to name a few).
*catching up on some of my favorite blogs. Quietly finding inspiration...
*worked (a lot) on the blanket I've been toiling away at since JUNE (remember that one?). It's coming along but each round takes about an hour so it is slow going. I'm on the last of 7 charts then on to the edging (eek!). *more fun stuff: going out to lunch and catching up with friends. Taking advantage of post-Xmas sales. Trying to do more yoga more regularly. Making lists. Ooo and I got a massage yesterday at Balanced Health. It was awesome.

I start school on January 24 so I know this downtime will be over before I know it. So far I have been appreciating every (quiet/peaceful/relaxing) minute. I hope 2011 is treating you just as well!

Snow Beagle 2010

As you may have heard, Boston got a beatdown this week, snow-wise. It started on Sunday and pummelled us straight through Monday afternoon. The result was over a foot of the white stuff on the ground and today Apollo and I decided to venture out into it.

I made him sit next to a wall to show how high the drift was. Almost to his head!

Action shot. We invented a game where I throw a snow ball, and he chases and demolishes it. As you can see, he was very good at it.

Taking a breather.

Just another December in the northeast. Hope you're staying warm wherever you are!

Boston Weather Report

People may complain about the weather but I have to say, Boston is damn pretty when it snows. Here is my early present to you, dear readers, so you can enjoy the prettiness of a Boston snow without having the trek through it and freeze (much like I did when I was taking these pictures). Hey, I had to be out in it anyway, why not do some shooting?

The end of Hanover Street, all decked out!

Bridge at the Public Garden

The Public Garden

Faneuil Hall