#TastetheSeason at Sweetgreen

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you probably know I'm a big fan of Sweetgreen, a healthy take-out restaurant with several locations in Boston/NYC/DC/etc. In addition to having delicious locally-sourced food, they were the ones who kindly hosted my Boston Marathon photo exhibit last April-
Last night I was invited to a farm-to-table dinner hosted by Sweetgreen at Ward's Berry Farm in Sharon, MA to celebrate their new seasonal fall menu and bring the Sweetgreen "family" together. Nice idea, huh?? I went with my new friend Jackie of South Shore Saturdays and met up with a few other fitness buddies like Sarah, Christina, Eliza, and Caroline, plus Rachel who had put the whole event together. 
The evening started off with popcorn and a hayride where we got a tour of the farm which is huge! Sweetgreen uses a lot of the farm's produce in their menu items so it was cool to see where the ingredients come from and learn how they're grown. We even tried some sweet corn on the cob (raw!) and it was amazing. 
 When we returned to the farm, we had some appetizers, hot toddies and Downeast Cider (based in Charlestown) which was new to me and I loved it. For dinner, we all sat at long tables in one of the greenhouses and passed large bowls of food around family style (to encourage conversation) - veggies from the farm, roasted brussels sprouts, hummus, and several of the new seasonal items from the restaurant. Each dish was better than the last and I can honestly say I enjoyed everything. I had tried the new "Rad Thai" salad with shrimp, red cabbage, and spicy cashew dressing a few days before when I stopped in their Fort Point location but all of the other dishes were new to me.
I love Sweetgreen because they make healthy food fun and interesting and they also promote community involvement and bringing people together. I will always make a point to visit one of their locations when I'm downtown and maybe someday they will make it to the South Shore! Fingers crossed!

Why I Run: A Boston Marathon 2014 Photo Project at Sweetgreen in Boston

I'm happy to say that after many hours of coordinating shoots, photographing the runners (in all kinds of winter weather!), typing up their stories, printing, framing and hanging... the show went up this morning! I'm so pleased with how it came out and I couldn't be more proud. Along with the photos, there are bios of the runners including their names, where they live in Boston, their occupations, how many marathons they've run, and why they run. Those running for charity have QR codes in their bios that link to their fundraising pages. Sweetgreen has gorgeous brick walls which the pieces really stand out on.
Thanks to everyone who helped out this morning, including Rachel Chemerynski who handles the regional marketing at Sweetgreen and made this whole thing happen (she also took that pic of me!). If you're interested in checking out the show, it will be up for the month of April. Please stop by and let me know what you think!

659 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116

To view the project online and read more about it, please visit the website

#BostonMarathon Project Update + Photography Exhibit at #Sweetgreen

From top left: Chrissy Horan, Natalie Mazzetta, Erica Soma, Ali Baldassare
Whew, what a month it's been! My project on Boston Marathon runners is going strong - I've photographed somewhere around 20 runners and I have 4 or 5 to go! I also created a website where I've started to share the photos and the stories that go along with them-

In addition to the awesome online support coming in, I'm excited to announce that the project will be a show on display at Sweetgreen on Boylston Street! When my friends from Boston Handmade encouraged me to seek out a space (preferably along the marathon route) to exhibit the work, I immediately thought of my friend Rachel Chemerynski who does marketing and community outreach at Sweetgreen located right at the marathon finish line-
Luckily, she loved the idea and now the work will be on display at the store during the month of April! There is also going to be an event in conjunction with Sweetgreen's passport program prior to the Marathon. The show goes up on April 5 so if you find yourself in the Back Bay at that time, definitely swing by the store and check it out! 

659 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116

Fitness in Boston: ClassPass has Launched!

Love boutique classes but can't afford to join them all? Me too! Luckily for us, ClassPass has just launched in Boston and they're here to help. The way it works is simple- pay a monthly fee and choose up to 10 classes offered by all different boutique studios around the city. Perfect for anyone who likes a bit of variation in their workouts (most of us, am I right?).
I attended the ClassPass launch party last week at Flywheel (catered by Sweetgreen and Boloco- mmm!) and was then offered a 10 day trial membership. When I logged onto the site, I was surprised to see how many studios they had- 26 already! From spinning to yoga to bootcamp to barre, I was really impressed with everything I had to choose from.
I also like the site's interface- easy to navigate, friendly design, and uncomplicated. I can sort class availability by date, times, and studio; if I only have a window of a few hours on a certain day, I can narrow down the search to only show classes in that timeframe. If I want to learn more about a certain class, I can click on it and it opens in another window, and if I book one, it gives the option to add it to my google calendar. Hey, it's the little things!
With ClassPass memberships at $99 a month for 10 classes, the value is clear- many of the classes they offer are normally upwards of $20 each. I would definitely recommend checking out the site for yourself; there are so many awesome classes in Boston with more being added every day, ClassPass will help keep your workouts from ever getting boring.

Have you signed up for ClassPass? What do you think?

Fitness in Boston: The Club by George Foreman III

 Have you heard of sweetgreen passport? It's a program offered by the healthy take-out joint sweetgreen (which I blogged about here) and if you become a member (free) they offer monthly fitness classes with different gyms around the city. Of course I signed up and the first one I tried this year was the brand new boxing gym known as "The Club" in Fort Point.
Founded by George Foreman III, the Club offers a wide range of activities- from boxing/sparring to circuit training to yoga. We did the circuit training (Box-FIIT) which consisted of two minute intervals at 10 different stations. After a tour of the stations, we did a thorough warm-up and then broke up into groups of 5. I really enjoyed the stations, especially the body bag and kettlebell ones. Most of the stations had a slow and steady flow to them- form and control over speed- which I liked.

There were around 50 of us in the class so it was a little chaotic at first but once we got going it was a killer full-body workout. At the end we did some final exercises that involved the whole group which was fun and distracted me from the actual burn that was happening- not a bad thing at all!
In short, the workout was awesome and I had a lot of fun doing it. I'd definitely try one of their Box-FIIT classes again or any other class they offer. Also, the facilities are fantastic- clean, fully stocked locker rooms, awesome gym set-up and overall look. Definitely worth a visit, you'll be glad you did!
15 Channel Center
Boston, MA 02210

Yep, that is me, getting ready for the TKO (photo courtsey of Rachel/Healthy Chicks).

What are your favorite fitness classes?

Fitness in Boston: sweetgreen has Arrived!

Thanks to Lauren Hefez for trying it out with me! 

Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand so I figured it was appropriate to add a healthy restaurant review to this blog feature. Last Tuesday I had the chance to try a new take-out joint on Boylston Street in downtown Boston- sweetgreen. With locations all over the east coast, sweetgreen was founded on the concept of sustainability, sourcing locally, and community impact. All good things but how is the food?...

Turn out- awesome! They have their seasonal salads or you can make your own. I had the misoba salad (added shrimp and sweet potatoes) and then the frozen yogurt (the candied pecan topping is a must). Delicious and filling, I recommend it and think it will be a hit in this town. Check out their website for more info (they also offer a rewards app and online ordering)-

659 Boylston St
Boston, MA 02116

Looking forward to going back! Want to join me??