New Pieces, "Town" and "Lighthouse"

While I haven't lived on Nantucket in almost 5 years now, I took some of my favorite pictures out there and my mind still wanders back on a regular basis. At the urging of one of my friends I started a series of photo transfer panels inspired by the island and I recently added a few to my online shops:

nantucket town"Town," 8x10"

brant point lighthouse nantucket massachusetts"Lighthouse," 11x14"

"Town" was taken from the dock of the Steamship Authority (or maybe from the ferry itself) and the "Lighthouse" is Brant Point which sticks right out into Nantucket Harbor. I recently added these to my Supermarket and 1000 Markets shops.


Happy Friday-of-a-long-weekend! I am so excited to have Monday off, seriously. Before I head out I just wanted to let you know that I am now on Supermarket, a very sleek and cool design shopping website that is worth checking out for all of the glorious home decor eye candy. Here's my little shop:

I only have a few of my panels up now but I plan to add more at some point over the next few days. Have a great weekend!