#Instagram Round-up: August 2015

As you probably guessed from my last post, I had a pretty full/colorful/fun August. Here's my Instagram Round-up for the month - a lot of posts for a lot of activities I was eager to document and share. Some gorgeous summer photo shoots in Boston, several fitness goals checked off the list, international travel, and just some relaxing summer activities.
We're in the middle of a heat wave here in Boston so I don't think I'll be posting any fall photos anytime soon. Enjoying it while it lasts!

What are you up to this September?

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The New Studio

Here it is! My current set-up at the new studio in Cohasset. Lots of bright wooden beams and natural light. I just realized since this photo was taken I've set up a little make-up station in the corner and added a table and clothing rack too. A couch will be coming at some point and then we'll be all set! Ready to check it out in person? I'd love to have you over! :)

Where I've Been and Where I'm Going

I know I've been quiet on this blog this summer but I'm finally ready to tell you why- I've been dealing with finances, insurance companies, mortgage lenders and fun stuff like that because *drumroll please* we bought a house! It's amazing how much of your free time that takes up but we're finally near the end and closing next week (!!!) so I decided it was safe enough to announce it.

The move is not without some sadness as I will be leaving the city I've been a resident of all my life. We are moving to Cohasset which is 20 miles south on the coast (not on the Cape, not in Rhode Island, as some people have asked me) so I won't be going far. If you're wondering why we chose this area, I will show you this map which is the walking distance from our house to one of the prettiest beaches in the area:
Other than the beach, the main reason this property appealed to me is what is behind the house- a beautiful, relatively new carriage house/barn/garage (the house was built in 1870 but the barn was just built 10 years ago). It gets gorgeous light and has an open layout so I'm turning it into a studio! It's move-in ready, all I need is some gear and I'll be ready to start shooting-
There's a cupola up there too which you can only get to my climbing that ladder/post in the middle.

The back yard which has some fruit trees and a little orchard. Looking forward to shooting here too!
The creek behind the barn. You better believe we'll be getting some kayaks asap.
Roses next to the house
So that's my news! While I'm sad to be leaving Boston, I'm beyond excited to start exploring the South Shore and spending more time doing outdoor activities. I'd love to hear any recommendations for things to do or places to see in the area if you happen to know any! Stay tuned for updates, I can't wait to start sharing more when we are all moved in and setting up the place.

How has your summer been? Any big things on the horizon?

Pilates Photography: Sarah Ruback of Sync Pilates Studio

Meet Sarah Ruback. Sarah owns a classical Pilates studio in Brookline called Sync Pilates and needed some photos for her website. We decided the best way to show off her Pilates skills and personality would be to do a shoot in a big bright studio just filled with light. My wonderful friend and mentor, Jim Scherer, was kind enough to loan us his space which was perfect for executing our vision. With the help of stylist Keely Witkowski of B. Fetching, the shoot was a big success. I love working with such a talented team! :)

For more information on Sarah's studio, visit her website and Facebook fanpage.

Shoot Credits
Stylist: B. Fetching
Hair/Make-up: Jordan Wells
Clothing: lululemon althletica
Location: Scherer Studio

Fitness Photo Shoot: Personal Trainer Kara Crow

love this sports bra! it's the Free to Be Bra by lululemon

Last fall I did a photo shoot with the beautiful (and buff!) Kara Crow, a personal trainer at Equinox Franklin St and fitness model (check out her latest work with Cybex International!). We were in the studio doing a mix of headshots, poses, and action shots, and had so much fun the session seemed to fly by:

On your mark...

...get set...


For more information on Kara, check out her new Facebook fan page:

For more info about photo shoots, contact me!

Shoot Credits
Hair: Amy Morrissey
Make-up: Kelly Brabants

Big News: a New Studio Space

What is this? Oh, that would just be a photo of my new key to my new studio! I just signed a lease today with a photography studio in the South End. It is in an old furniture building and it's a shared space meaning there are four studios, client meeting area, make-up stations, storage, office area, etc and they are all shared by the studio's 24 or so members (one of the perks- lots of communal props!).

It is above a really cool antique store, Restoration Resources. I could browse in there for ages!
I'll start moving all of my gear this week. Can't wait to start shooting!

In the Studio: The Bag Shot

One of the "deliverables" I had in my Intro to Light class this week was called the Bag Shot. The idea was that we were supposed to set up a scene where someone has dropped a bag, all of the stuff has fallen out and, using props and lighting, tell something about the person who dropped it and the circumstances (night/day, indoors/outdoors, etc). Everyone in my class took the concept and ran; one person did a beach scene, one did a forest scene, they were all really elaborate!

I decided my scene was set in India in the early morning on a hot day and the bag dropped was a grocery bag, right at the poor person's front step (they almost made it home...). There is an Indian grocery store next to the school so I went there for the food, and I printed some rupees to be falling out of a little purse I bought in India (the slippers are from India too). For the ground I used brown kraft paper and hay brought in by my classmate, Kim, who has pet rabbits. We used a gold gel to create a warm look and a cucoloris for the shadowing. It may look like a big mess but it is actually a really styled one!

Bless this Mess

I got my desk cleaned out today! With the sun coming in it looked so pretty that I took a photo to remember it by (it doesn't generally stay like this for long).

Here's a breakdown of what all this stuff is-

1. A print I bought a few years ago from my friend Jaye of thirteenth story. This and the framed prints next to it are awaiting a more prominent home on a wall, post-renovation.

2. A photo I took of Apollo and his beagle cousin, Abby. Framed in a square Ikea frame.

3. A framed photo my parents bought for me by Thomas Durand. I love his monkey series.

4. A small bulletin board I made with yet another Ikea frame and some cork board.

5. A jade Buddha statue that was my grandmother's. He inspired my "zen" windowsill.

6. A mini square print I picked up from BH member, Eliza, of Art Asana.

7. A cactus Seth bought for me last spring which I've managed to not kill.

8. A print by Sepia Lepus in a square Blick frame.

9. A sweet print my mom found of the 1975 Red Sox. I framed it for Seth and it, like the left windowsill prints, is waiting for wall spot. The back is even signed by some of the players so I used a "floating" frame.

10. My desk (for now), a vintage Haywood-Wakefield that Seth restored a while ago. It has sliding leaves and he thinks it might be from the 40s.

11. My portable and backup hard drives. The one next to the computer is 500GB from OWC.

12. My trusty Mac Book Pro.

13. My knitting! The blanket is now SO CLOSE to being finished, I will update soon.