Renovation Nation: Phase One, Completed

Yay! One year ago this month we began demo-ing on our condo. It's still a work in progress but one room is totally done- my studio! After being displaced for almost a year it feels so good to finally be back in my own space and I love the way it turned out. The wall color is Benjamin Moore "Grey Timber Wolf" which I chose because I wanted something light and calming, a color that would inspire me but also put me at ease whenever I entered the room. So far, it's been perfect.

I haven't hung anything on the walls yet so these pieces by Thirteenth Story and Thomas Durand (respectively) will have to hang out on the window sill for now. Also I should point out the aprons under the sills were hand-carved and stained by Seth (see why it took so long?!).

Seth brought home this "house warming" present the other day which is on a lacquered tray my parents brought back from Vietnam. One shot glass of water a month, I think I can handle that.

I'll be sure to post more pictures when I have the rest of the room set up. This might be the cleanest it will ever be so I had to make sure it was documented!

Don't Try This at Home

Back to renovation nation (just in case you maybe thought it was over!)- last night after much urging by me, Seth did the spray foam insulation on the interior walls of what will be my office. He had gotten a good deal on some that another home renovator decided not to use so even though he didn't have any experience with the stuff, he figured he's give it a whirl.
As you can see in the picture below, he also did two coats on the ceiling which should prevent our upstairs neighbor's (frequent) leaks from becoming our problem (no more waking up at 3am to a waterfall in the living room! Yay!).
To say it went smoothly would be...well, inaccurate. It was a lot messier than either of us anticipated; by the end of the project there were globs of the sticky stuff everywhere, glued to whatever it had landed on, and had to be scraped up with a tape knife. I stayed out of the room and Seth had on a full body suit he'd picked up at Home Depot (and a mask and goggles) which was great since every inch of him was covered by the end.
It was a bit too much for me; I had a brief mental breakdown halfway through when the stuff was spraying over the wall into our bedroom, coating a pile of clothes (his) and part of the bed! Seth was happy with the end result though and will be finishing the other two rooms that need to be done this weekend... when I will not be around. :)

Renovation Nation

It continues! We got majorly hung up by a delayed contractor so at this point we're realllly not as far along as we'd like to be with the apartment renovations. Fortunately, I spent the weekend in JP and while I was gone Seth got a lot done so I took some pictures. Very different from the last time I posted pics, huh?

As you can see, the wall between the kitchen and living room has come down. We are leaving it open and putting a bar type thing to divide the two rooms.

This is all the wood from the old framing. Nails and damaged ends removed, this pile is still good and will be reused! The unusable pieces were sent home with my parents for firewood :)

Wires everywhere, the electrician was in on Saturday and swears it's safe... this is the corner of our living room, currently serving as our kitchen. That is the fridge under the plastic.

Here's the kitchen and front door. More beautiful wallpaper, Apollo looks dismayed.

The contractor is coming this week to frame out the bedroom and office. To say "we can't wait" would be the understatement of the year.


I haven't posted any more photos of the renovation project so you must have thought "Oh! They must be done!" To that I say HA. Here are some pictures of Seth and his trusty worker bee, Herbie, demo-ing the kitchen last weekend-

For those of you who know my brother, couldn't this kid be his long lost twin?!

This is the wall that separates the kitchen from the living room (the bright yellow part is where the fridge was). It will be coming down entirely and will be replaced with a little bar table/peninsula type thing. This should really open up the apartment a lot more and get more light in.

Hey! We've got more space back here!


We are currently renovating our condo. I'm actually not doing much besides staying out of the way as much as possible and taking pictures of the demolition. We are currently in the final stages of the demo so it's pretty much just one big mess. Next time you are feeling down on your living situation, come back to this post and check out these pictures... A ceiling above a ceiling. Love the rose wallpaper! Or ceilingpaper?...

Apollo shows off the living room. When the wall came down, the brick behind it was in good shape so we're going to clean it up and leave it exposed.

The other side of the living room. Again, we took down the wall only to find another completely wallpapered wall, several inches behind the wooden studs. The wallpaper is actually embossed, how fancy!

This is the door to the kitchen. The wall to the right of the door is coming down and we're going to put a bar counter there dividing the rooms. We're hoping this will open it up a bit more and allow more light to come through. The living room has no windows so we're trying to get as much light in as we can.