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Fenway Park Ornaments

Too soon? Maybe. But I just got these handmade ornaments all photographed and wanted to share! This set of three is available in my Etsy shop right now:

They are printed on quality paper, coated in acrylic glaze (for slight texture and protection) and mounted on a tiny canvas. Attached is ribbon to hang on your tree or anywhere in your home! Size: 2x2"

The Red Seat

I have always liked this photograph taken by my friend Allison of Fraske Designs:

Allison(Available for purchase in her Etsy shop)

Why is there only one red seat in a sea of greens? It's there to commemorate the longest home run hit in Fenway Park. It was hit by Ted Williams in 1946 and traveled 502 feet to land in that particular seat way out in the bleachers. If that wasn't a good enough story, I was reminded of the details in this blog post on Fenway West about the man, Joe Boucher from Albany, NY, who happened to be sitting in the now infamous seat at the time:

"He came with his family for the doubleheader. Wore a straw hat and proceeded to fall asleep. Ted Williams decided to wake him up by hitting a 502 foot home run. Joe Boucher after the game...admitted he was a...gulp...Yankees fan. He also said that the baseball gods blessed him that day by him not being hurt by William's home run ball...and from that day on, he was a Red Sox fan. The headline the next day in the newspaper, "BULLSEYE- Knocks Sense Into Yankee Fan!" LOL. Joe Boucher kept to his word and remained a Red Sox fan." ~Fenway West

Great story, no? So many legends at Fenway Park that really help make it a magical place.

New Products: Coasters and Notebooks

red sox fenway park journal notebook diary, boston massachusettsThey're in! I recently acquired some new products in preparation for the upcoming open studios I will be participating in. They were created by my buddies over at Boston Coasters using some of my favorite Fenway Park photos and I am really pleased with how they turned out.

red sox fenway park journal notebook diary, boston massachusettsThe notebooks have a fabric cover and 100 page journal insert. Best of all, once the journal is filled up the cover is removable so it can be refilled!

red sox fenway park coaster set, boston massachusettsThe coasters are made using pressed wood backed with cork. They are so glossy it was hard to get a good picture of them without reflecting. They are lightweight and totally waterproof.

red sox fenway park coaster set, boston massachusettsThese new goodies are available on my website and in person this weekend at Sowa Open Market.

Soggy (but Winning) Sox

So last Saturday, despite the awful weather, my friend Naomi and I ventured to Fenway Park for the Sox vs Rays game. They delayed the game for two hours, even though it wasn't even raining at the time, which was ok because it gave us a chance to have dinner (Italian sausages and beer) and have a nice chat. The game finally started at 9:15, a mere two hours before the rains finally DID come! Annoying (because they could've probably gotten a full game in there had they started on time) but ultimately ok because when they called the game in the 6th inning we were winning 9-1. Whew!

photograph of red sox fenway park in boston massachusetts during a rain delay baseball sportsHere's a pic I took when the heavens did open up. It was actually very pretty to watch from our covered seats.

red sox retired numbers at fenway park in boston massachusettsThis is another one I got while we were wandering around during the delay. They are the retired numbers of Red Sox greats (from left): Bobby Doerr, Joe Cronin, Johnny Pesky, Carl Yastrzemski, Ted Williams, Jim Rice, Carlton Fisk, and Jackie Robinson (league retired number).

"Retired Numbers" is available as a print in my Etsy Shop.


"Welcome to Fenway Park," 3.5x3.5 print

After getting rained out yesterday, TODAY is the home opener for the Boston Red Sox (pretty much a citywide holiday in this town). They face off against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays at 4pm so wish them luck!

While you're at it you can also go to my Etsy shop and pick up some of my original Red Sox matted prints and other decorative items!

Green Monster ceramic tile coasters

"Friendly Fenway," 5x7 print

BONUS: Courtesy of the Boston Red Sox, here is a link to download some very cool Sox-themed wallpapers for your desktop.