Pilates Photography: Sarah Ruback of Sync Pilates Studio

Meet Sarah Ruback. Sarah owns a classical Pilates studio in Brookline called Sync Pilates and needed some photos for her website. We decided the best way to show off her Pilates skills and personality would be to do a shoot in a big bright studio just filled with light. My wonderful friend and mentor, Jim Scherer, was kind enough to loan us his space which was perfect for executing our vision. With the help of stylist Keely Witkowski of B. Fetching, the shoot was a big success. I love working with such a talented team! :)

For more information on Sarah's studio, visit her website and Facebook fanpage.

Shoot Credits
Stylist: B. Fetching
Hair/Make-up: Jordan Wells
Clothing: lululemon althletica
Location: Scherer Studio

Photo Show at Lululemon Newbury St Recap

Here's a little photo recap of the photo show's kick-off event at Lululemon on Newbury Street last Sunday. It was a blast! We had a lot of people show up, including most of the models who were actually in the photos included in the show! Thanks to everyone who came out, it was such an awesome day and I'm so grateful for my wonderful friends. 

Fitness Photography: CrossCycle's Chris Gagnon

When Chris Gagnon started telling me his ideas for the shoot, I had no idea what to expect when the day finally came. What he brought with him was lots of props- kettlebells, an exercise ball, weights, tires, and even a bike (which makes sense since he is the creator of a popular strength training program called CrossCycleยฎ). He also brought his friend, Angela, who turned into a prop herself!

I was pretty psyched that they were willing to try out this pose- and they nailed it.
Push-ups off of another person- they make it look easy but it was not!

To learn more about Chris and CrossCycleยฎ, check out the links below:

CrossCycle on Facebook

To learn more about my fitness photo shoots, feel free to contact me!

Fitness Photo Shoot: Personal Trainer Kara Crow

love this sports bra! it's the Free to Be Bra by lululemon

Last fall I did a photo shoot with the beautiful (and buff!) Kara Crow, a personal trainer at Equinox Franklin St and fitness model (check out her latest work with Cybex International!). We were in the studio doing a mix of headshots, poses, and action shots, and had so much fun the session seemed to fly by:

On your mark...

...get set...


For more information on Kara, check out her new Facebook fan page:

For more info about photo shoots, contact me!

Shoot Credits
Hair: Amy Morrissey
Make-up: Kelly Brabants

Fitness Photography: Move Sweat Love with Ali Baldassare

This spring I did a fitness photo shoot with Ali Baldassare of Move Sweat Love with Ali. Ali teaches several different fitness classes, from Zumba to spinning to Pilates, all over the city. The shoot took place in a few different spots on the Rose Kennedy Greenway on a bright, sunny morning. The result- lots of color and energy! Which is what Ali is all about. Here are a few faves-


Thanks again Ali!

Product Photo Shoot: Lady Dye Fiber Arts & Design

This is from the product shoot I did for Lady Dye Fiber Arts & Design. She wanted some colorful, fun photos of her work, hand-dyed yarn, for her new website. Since she dyes all of her yarn and even spins some too, we did photos of not only her finished products but what goes into the process as well.

Product shots and maybe a head shot or two are all that she wanted but I convinced her to pose for this photo illustration with her tossing her yarn in the air. I couldn't resist, and she loved the final result!

Fitness and Fashion with Jennifer Phelan Pilates

 Last month I had the change to work with the fabulous Jenn of Jennifer Phelan Pilates. I did a shoot with Jenn last summer and was psyched to work with her again; she loves to bring the drama and glamour (which I love too)! Her stylist, Keely Witkowski of B. Fetching, makes sure that even in workout attire, she is still fashionable and she was great to have on set. Here are a few of my favorites:

Model: Jenn Phelan
Stylist: B. Fetching

In the Studio: Yoga Photography with Sylvia

When I found out that my college roommate's little sister, Sylvia, is a yoga enthusiast working at lululemon in Boston, I had to get her into the studio for a yoga-inspired photo shoot. Luckily, she was more than willing, and I was quickly impressed by her flexibility and yoga experience! Here are a few of my favs-

It was so nice out that day too so we went onto the studio roof for these-

Thanks again Sylvia, you are amazing!

Portraits at Oak Alley Plantation

On my last full day in New Orleans, we rented a car and visited Oak Alley, a plantation that dates back to 1837.

We took plenty of photos of the house and its grounds but after the conference we were also eager to make some portraits so we modeled for each other too. Even Julie's good-natured husband, Tyler, was willing to pose for us-

If you find yourself in Louisiana, I highly recommend Oak Alley. It was like stepping back in time.

Yoga Shoot with Keely on the Greenway

I recently did a fitness shoot on the Rose Kennedy Greenway with Keely who practices Ashtanga yoga. Keely has been practicing Ashtanga for over two years and her flexibility and form is really impressive! We had a lot of fun traipsing the Greenway, finding pretty little spots for her to show of her range of poses for the camera:

And ones of my favs of the day:
Thanks again Keely! To see more images from the shoot, click here. I've also recently updated my website to include photos from my fitness shoots and more information about them. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Andrea & Noah's Wedding in Atlanta, GA

Yes, that rainbow was real!

Last fall, Andrea asked me if I'd be the photographer for her wedding to Noah in June 2011. I knew Andy from my Nantucket days when she would visit our mutual friend, Mairi, who was also living out there at the time. I thought for her to ask me was a big leap of faith on her part, I hadn't even started my program at CDIA yet, but I happily accepted and flew down to Atlanta at the end of June to document their special day-

I love this shot of the patio outside of their reception; it's so simple and festive-

At the end, the guests sent the couple off through a tunnel of sparklers. I had never seen this done before, it was so cool-Thanks again to Andy and Noah for letting me be a part of your day!

The Details
Location: Decatur, GA
Caterer and Event Planner: Miller-Arnau Designs
Flowers: Chandler Park Flowers
Hair/Make-up: Amy Spaulding at Douglas & Co.
DJ: DJ Grizzly (aka John Gowen)
Church: Church of the Epiphany
Reception: The Solarium

Pilates Photo Shoot with Jennifer Phelan at Castle Island

Last month I did a gorgeous evening shoot with Pilates powerhouse Jenn Phelan at Castle Island in South Boston. The look we were going for was two-fold; we wanted to showcase Jenn's impressive athletic moves and physique, and also her new workout style she had been working on with Keely Witkowski of B. Fetching. I brought my photog buddy, Joe Chartier, and we shot to our hearts content for several hours until the light went away!

Here are the more fashion-y photos:

And now the athletic shots:
We had so much fun it was ridiculous. The weather was perfect and the sky made for an incredible backdrop. Thanks again to Jenn and her crew, I had a blast!

Need a promotional portrait for your website or blog?
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Boston Handmade Photo Booth

So much to post, so little time. This week I am hard at work on a multimedia project involving Silverbrook Farm in Dartmouth, MA. I went down there at the beginning of the week and hung out at the farm taking photos of everything- veggies, the daily activities, Chloe the dog, etc. I will be posting the photos and the story of the farm, which is fascinating, in a series over the next few weeks. While I edit them and work on the final product, here are some photos from the Boston Handmade photo booth that Julie Sterling Williams, Franco Cardaropoli, and I did last Saturday!

People really utilized the props, as you can see

Dave wished we had a cigar. A chalk crayon will do.

That's Laura of Pansy Maiden and her "serious" husband, Eric.

It's hard to tell but this dog is actually tolerating the princess tiara on her head.

Click here to see all the images from the day. Want to hire us and the photo booth for an event? Just let me know!

Wedding Photography II

I was all set to head out on a dog walk this morning when I looked out the window to what appeared to be a monsoon. Dog will have to wait, so I figured I'd post some new photos instead! Last week we were doing engagements sessions and we were lucky enough to start the day off at the Boston Public Library in Copley Square which was a gorgeous place to shoot!

We even managed to make a dingy alley a romantic setting-

Ok the rain seems to have stopped so I'd better take out the poor dog. Have a great weekend!

Photo Shoot at Black Sheep Knitting

Last week in location portraiture, one of our assignments was to go to a local business and take a nice "executive" portrait of the owner in their store. One of our awesome classmates, Terry, contacted several shops in her hometown of Needham so we headed there, and I got to shoot the adorable Black Sheep Knitting. What a local gem! As a photographer, it was fun to take photos in such a colorful, inviting space. As a knitter, it was fun to be surrounded by such beautiful yarn! The women we worked with, Nancy and Randi, were fantastic and so nice about letting us take over their store without lighting equipment for a few hours-

I didn't have a chance to make any purchases that day but I will definitely be back. Black Sheep Knitting is located at 1500 Highland Ave, Needham, MA 02492.

Location Portraiture I

Last week we had our first location portraiture class (taught by the infamous Barb Peacock). We worked with models and went to some cool locations to shoot (like the Commander's Mansion in Watertown). I loved it and learned a ton; here are some photos from the two days we were shooting-

(ok- not technically a location portrait but whatever, I liked it!)


Last week my class was all about speedlights (or external flashes). While many people thought it was weird we could spend a whole week learning about them, I (and probably my classmate) actually thought we could use two or three! We'll be working with them in the next two modules so hopefully it will become second nature soon. As it turns out, they are actually pretty complicated! But they can also do some pretty cool things, like light painting, and also portraiture which we did a lot more of-

Lovely Jess

Painting with Light

Amy, woman of mystery...