Peddocks Island, Boston Harbor

I am a big fan of the Boston Harbor Islands. Growing up in Boston, I was only vaguely aware of their existence. When I moved to the North End in 2006, tourism to the islands was picking up and the more I learned about their nature and history, the more interested I became in these lesser known Boston "neighborhoods." I joined the Boston Harbor Islands Alliance, which promotes tourism to the islands and funding for preservation, and I love getting out there whenever I can (see my photos from Georges Island, seals, and Spectacle Island). 

Boston's Best Cruises offers special off-season winter cruises to select islands and this year they were going to Peddocks Island. I was especially interested in this island since it's been closed to tourists for the last few years because of renovations. Despite the cold temps, my mom agreed to join me and it was definitely worth the trip-

Seaside chapel at Fort Andrews.

A distant view of the Boston skyline. 

Fort Andrews, active from 1900 through WWII.

A view of the very tip of Hull (and a 50' drop!).

Regular ferry service to the islands starts in May. For more information about the Boston Harbor Islands, check out these links:

Nantucket Fishing

This weekend Seth and I visited his sister's family on Nantucket. His brother-in-law just bought a sweet fishing boat which he was more than happy to take us out on. The insane, roller-coaster waves (thank goodness for Dramamine) tossed us around but it was so nice to be out on the water. As much as I love boating, I don't think I've ever been out fishing so this was a new experience! Seth's sister was fishing for bonito and blue fish for a tournament and she managed to snag two-

Fish on!

A small bonito. Don't worry, he was returned to the sea after being measured!

Puppy in the Garden

This weekend I checked out my friend's garden (really a mini-farm) and also got to meet Akira, this adorable 4-month-old lab/husky mix. She was both chill and playful which is rare in a puppy! She was also nice enough to let me take a few photos of her-


We also witnessed a first time potato harvest-

CSA from Silverbrook Farm

I belong to a CSA that comes from Silverbrook Farm in Darmouth, MA. What is a CSA you ask? CSA stands for Community Sustained Agriculture and consists of a group of consumers who agree to purchase products from a local farm, or a β€œshare” of the farm, and each week they pick up their share of produce either directly from the farm or at a pick-up spot in their area, like a farmers market or store. This helps farms sell their product and consumers to eat locally. Everyone wins.

I pick-up my CSA share at Government Center; it's like Christmas once a week and Scott (above) is the CSA Santa, bringing me delicious veggies and fruit, often things I've never tried (like kohlrabi) which is part of the fun. Yesterday I picked up a mountain of fresh produce and Scott let me take some photos-

What's your favorite farm stand or CSA in your area?

A Visit to Sharpe Hill

Today we made a trip out to Connecticut to visit Sharpe Hill, a vineyard in the northeast corner of the state. Who knew CT had vineyards? Not me! It was a completely picturesque setting; we had a nice wine tasting outside and then lunch inside (which was good since it did eventually start to rain). Such good wine and food! When we were leaving, the rain let up just enough for me to get some photos-

~*What a lovely spot to enjoy some wine*~

Shooting in the Rain

Yesterday my class headed up to Gloucester and Rockport to take photos of Cape Ann's lovely natural landscape. Unfortunately, it poured rain the whole morning/early afternoon but we were troopers and went out in it anyway. This is what a bunch of soggy photographers looks like:

Seals of Georges Island

So when I got off the boat at Georges Island last weekend, a park ranger gave us a little talk about the activities that were happening, things to check out, etc. and one thing that she mentioned was that some seals had been spotted on one side of the island that morning. I thought for sure they'd be gone by the time I got over there but I was wrong! Luckily, I had my 70-200mm lens with me so I set my camera on a rock (no tripod) and hung out by myself (only a few other people came over!) and happily snapped away for the better part of an hour. The photos I got were still far away but with some cropping I was able to see the seals up close, including their sweet faces-

Tell me that last one is not waving!

Cape Escape

This past weekend my cousin, Ellen, and I decided we needed a quiet little getaway so we headed to the Cape. I booked us at a sweet B&B in Brewster (The Old Manse) that turned out to be as quaint, pretty, quiet, relaxing, etc, as we'd hoped it would be:We fell in love with the place immediately and made ourselves at home (by falling asleep on the couch in the common room 10 minutes after arriving). For dinner we headed to a place that had come highly recommended, the Brewster Fish House. It did not disappoint! The service, the cozy atmosphere, the fresh food... I'd go back in a heartbeat. I didn't get any pictures of the scallops and risotto we ordered but here is a delicious cocktail shot:We went to bed swearing we'd never eat again... until the morning because, oh right, we were staying at a bed & breakfast. And one known for it's amazing breakfasts! Fresh squeezed orange juice, Belgian waffles, and Vermont maple sausage. Yes, please.
We drove around making several retail stops including the Brewster General Store and also Yummy Goods, the sweet gift shop in West Barnstable run by Melissa who also has a cool blog and is friends with some of the artists/crafters I know in Boston:We also made a much anticipated, special trip to the Edward Gorey House. More on that tomorrow!
Ahhhh Cape Cod.

Quiet Time at Squam

Last Squam post... while I could go on and on about the lovely kindred spirits that attend Squam every year, one thing I look forward to almost as much as meeting new people is the down time. I love walking in the woods, feeling as far away from the city as possible, the only sounds heard are those found in nature.

Here are some pictures from Squam that reflect that precious solitude I enjoy so much:

For more pics, please visit my Flickr page.

Glimpse into Ghana

I'm back! Not appreciating the Boston rain but not missing the extreme heat either. Ghana was wonderful, eye-opening, inspiring, relaxing, interesting... well, I could go on and on but I'll just get to some pictures instead. No captions, just pics:

My Version of a Valentine

Continuing my experimentation with printing on different kinds of papers, I came up with these festive art cards for the upcoming holiday of love-

It is a digital collage created using my own beach image and the script is the Walt Whitman poem entitled "Out of the Rolling Ocean, the Crowd." It was printed on inkjet treated watercolor paper with a deckled edge and adhered to sturdy bristol board. The cards are 5x7" and envelopes are included.
I made it a set of two and have them for sale in my online shops: Etsy and 1000 Markets.

For the Love of Trees

While wandering the many aisles of CRAFTBOSTON last weekend, I came upon the striking work of artist Dawn Dalto . I realized that I was consistently drawn to artists whose work had a strong nature theme so of course Dawn's booth caught my eye right away!

Her etched tile and ceramic work is so wonderfully intricate. I also really like her subtle use of color and different tones.

To see more of her work, here are some of her links-
1000 Markets: