Nantucket Fishing

This weekend Seth and I visited his sister's family on Nantucket. His brother-in-law just bought a sweet fishing boat which he was more than happy to take us out on. The insane, roller-coaster waves (thank goodness for Dramamine) tossed us around but it was so nice to be out on the water. As much as I love boating, I don't think I've ever been out fishing so this was a new experience! Seth's sister was fishing for bonito and blue fish for a tournament and she managed to snag two-

Fish on!

A small bonito. Don't worry, he was returned to the sea after being measured!

New Pieces, "Town" and "Lighthouse"

While I haven't lived on Nantucket in almost 5 years now, I took some of my favorite pictures out there and my mind still wanders back on a regular basis. At the urging of one of my friends I started a series of photo transfer panels inspired by the island and I recently added a few to my online shops:

nantucket town"Town," 8x10"

brant point lighthouse nantucket massachusetts"Lighthouse," 11x14"

"Town" was taken from the dock of the Steamship Authority (or maybe from the ferry itself) and the "Lighthouse" is Brant Point which sticks right out into Nantucket Harbor. I recently added these to my Supermarket and 1000 Markets shops.

A Week Off

I've been away from the office all week (it's been a nice week) and spent part of it on Nantucket. I lived there right after college (which is starting to feel like a long time ago). I still have friends out there and always look forward to going back; this time I took some pictures of the downtown area I've spent so much time in but never really took the time to shoot.

Corner of Main and Orange Streets

Weather Vane on top of the Whaling Museum

At the end of my friend's driveway

Easy Street

Winery/Brewery/Distillery, one of the coolest hangouts on island

More ACK pics on my Flickr page.