Sustaining Silverbrook Farm

Sustaining Silverbrook Farm from Lucie Wicker on Vimeo.

For the past few weeks, we worked on multimedia projects for a class called Storybuilding. We each had a pick a subject, conduct an interview, make photos to support the interview and layout a story/video using Final Cut Pro. For my subject, I chose Silverbrook Farm where I get my CSA.

In the past few years, I have become more interested in the concept of buying local- from food to products and services. I have become more aware of the overall health and well-being benefits of eating local food, recently converting to vegetarianism partly for this reason. As a small business owner, I also believe in the importance of shopping locally for goods and services. I have been fortunate to live in neighborhoods that make efforts to support local businesses and are therefore unique and desirable places to live.

Silverbrook Farm embodies the concept of buying local. In an effort to improve their agricultural community, they have formed partnerships with other farms in their area by including them in many of their business endeavors. They are extremely conscious of environmental impact and are committed to growing organically, without pesticides. They participate in a CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, program which provides city-dwelling members with fresh produce delivered weekly. This allows members to eat locally, reduce their carbon footing, and have the awareness of how their food is being produced.

I really enjoyed my time at Silverbrook snapping photos, getting to know the staff, and hanging out in Dartmouth. I'm also looking forward to making more movies like this; combining my interest in photography and my old passion of filmmaking is a win-win! Check out my vimeo page here (if you're on there, add me as a contact, I'd love to see your work too!).

Wedding Photography II

I was all set to head out on a dog walk this morning when I looked out the window to what appeared to be a monsoon. Dog will have to wait, so I figured I'd post some new photos instead! Last week we were doing engagements sessions and we were lucky enough to start the day off at the Boston Public Library in Copley Square which was a gorgeous place to shoot!

We even managed to make a dingy alley a romantic setting-

Ok the rain seems to have stopped so I'd better take out the poor dog. Have a great weekend!

CSA from Silverbrook Farm

I belong to a CSA that comes from Silverbrook Farm in Darmouth, MA. What is a CSA you ask? CSA stands for Community Sustained Agriculture and consists of a group of consumers who agree to purchase products from a local farm, or a β€œshare” of the farm, and each week they pick up their share of produce either directly from the farm or at a pick-up spot in their area, like a farmers market or store. This helps farms sell their product and consumers to eat locally. Everyone wins.

I pick-up my CSA share at Government Center; it's like Christmas once a week and Scott (above) is the CSA Santa, bringing me delicious veggies and fruit, often things I've never tried (like kohlrabi) which is part of the fun. Yesterday I picked up a mountain of fresh produce and Scott let me take some photos-

What's your favorite farm stand or CSA in your area?