Product Photo Shoot: Lady Dye Fiber Arts & Design

This is from the product shoot I did for Lady Dye Fiber Arts & Design. She wanted some colorful, fun photos of her work, hand-dyed yarn, for her new website. Since she dyes all of her yarn and even spins some too, we did photos of not only her finished products but what goes into the process as well.

Product shots and maybe a head shot or two are all that she wanted but I convinced her to pose for this photo illustration with her tossing her yarn in the air. I couldn't resist, and she loved the final result!

Photo Shoot at Black Sheep Knitting

Last week in location portraiture, one of our assignments was to go to a local business and take a nice "executive" portrait of the owner in their store. One of our awesome classmates, Terry, contacted several shops in her hometown of Needham so we headed there, and I got to shoot the adorable Black Sheep Knitting. What a local gem! As a photographer, it was fun to take photos in such a colorful, inviting space. As a knitter, it was fun to be surrounded by such beautiful yarn! The women we worked with, Nancy and Randi, were fantastic and so nice about letting us take over their store without lighting equipment for a few hours-

I didn't have a chance to make any purchases that day but I will definitely be back. Black Sheep Knitting is located at 1500 Highland Ave, Needham, MA 02492.

Quiet Time

Wow, things have been pretty quiet over here! You'd think with my time off I'd be busy working away over here, right? Wrong! I've been doing a lot of things that need to be done but nothing necessarily creative-

*cleaned/sorted/organized 90% of my office. I can see my desk again! How wonderful! Doing a huge clean out right at the very beginning of the year was so helpful, I'm really going to try to keep it up!
*read all of the magazines I've been accumulating and tossing aside since September (PDN, Cooks Illustrated, Real Simple, Food & Wine, to name a few).
*catching up on some of my favorite blogs. Quietly finding inspiration...
*worked (a lot) on the blanket I've been toiling away at since JUNE (remember that one?). It's coming along but each round takes about an hour so it is slow going. I'm on the last of 7 charts then on to the edging (eek!). *more fun stuff: going out to lunch and catching up with friends. Taking advantage of post-Xmas sales. Trying to do more yoga more regularly. Making lists. Ooo and I got a massage yesterday at Balanced Health. It was awesome.

I start school on January 24 so I know this downtime will be over before I know it. So far I have been appreciating every (quiet/peaceful/relaxing) minute. I hope 2011 is treating you just as well!

One Knitting Project Down

This past Saturday I finally finished the Rococo shawl I've been working on since June. It was a really satisfying finish and I'm so happy with the results:

I emailed Elena, who designed the pattern, to ask where she got the shawl pin in her photos and she actually wound up selling me one directly which was really nice of her! To see more about this pattern, check out her Etsy shop and Ravelry page.

I'm still working on my Girasole too! I'm on one of the final charts in the pattern and the rows are so huge now, it takes about an hour for me to finish just one. It's still a really enjoyable knit though, I'm plowing through. I also started following the designer, Jared Flood's, blog which inspires me with every post. :)

Otto (and the Beagle)

I have several knitting projects going on now, two being rather large and taking a lot longer than I thought they would, so back in August I decided to do a little side project. It was a "stashbuster," using up yarn (Tinkerbell by Peter Pan) I'd bought for no particular reason and now had nothing to do with. After much consideration, I finally decided the best use of the yarn would be to create a polar bear, specifically the one designed by Ysolda Teague(from Squam!) named Otto.

I fell in love with this knit pretty quickly; by the time his little pear-shaped head was done, you could really see where the project was going and I was eager to finish. I also decided he needed a scarf so I used a bit of leftover cotton in a seed stitch and voila. A little less nude bear.

The only tricky part was that I was using the magic loop method where the pattern called for DPNs, otherwise it was surprisingly simple.

Don't be fooled by the cuteness; the dog thought the bear was for him and desperately wanted to eat him.

You can see Ysolda's other sweet little animal patterns on her website or on Ravelry. To see what I'm working on, visit my Ravelry page here.

Summer Slump and Knitting

I've had several blog post ideas in my head for about a week now and yet none have formed into an actual post. I think I have hit the inevitable summer slump where I don't really want to do much more than check my email and knit, with some It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia watching in the evening.

That said, I haven't been entirely unproductive! I did an interesting photo shoot yesterday that I will share with you later this week. I was at Sowa on August 8 with my friends Pansy Maiden, Zooguu, and Stonehouse Studio; that was a good time (Laura has some cute pics of us here). I'm still chipping away at my two large knitting projects with a couple little projects thrown in for "instant gratification" as my coworker, Annie, calls them. One was a little shark ornament I saw, loved, and had to try (I gave it to Seth as a present)-
The picture really doesn't do it justice and I'm going to try another bigger one at some point soon. I'm also working on this cool little dishtowel which is using up some of my stash. Two birds with one stone!

Also I just listed this print on Etsy, a new fav:
"White Tree," 8x10

Accountability Blanket, Part 2

If it was a dog would be finished. But it's not and so I soldier on. Almost done with two balls a yarn, only 14 or 15 more to go! It's still been probably the most enjoyable knitting project I've ever worked on so I haven't lost steam yet. Each row is different, very few repeats, which really keeps it entertaining. Plus seeing how much Apollo liked it just motivated me to finish it for myself :)

Accountability Blanket: a Knitting Project

As some of you may know, I knit. I started last June after being at the yarnfest that is Squam. After being surrounded by rabid knitters 24/7 for 5 days I finally caved in and signed up for an intro class at the Stitch House in Dorchester. I dove in head first not willing to mess around with simple scarfs but rather hats, shrugs, these awesome cabled mittens, etc. I quit last November when I finished a hat to match the cabled mittens and it wound up being about 8 times too small. Nuts to this!

But once again, after being at Squam, the knitting interest has been rekindled in part by the exquisite Girasole blanket created by Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed. I fell in love with the design after seeing others making it and ordered the supplies from Knitpicks the day after I got back from NH. One of my awesome cabinmates, Elaine, surprised me by buying the pattern on Ravelry and emailing it to me! So sweet.

So here it is so far. The yarn is "Wool of the Andes" in daffodil from Knitpicks. The finished product will have a design that looks like a sunflower in the middle; what I've completed is the middle of the sunflower part. Now on to the petals!

I decided to put it on my blog here as a sort of exercise in accountability. I'm telling you I will finish it so now I must! If you're on Ravelry, you can track my progress there and please "friend" me, I'd love to see what you're working on! If you are a knitter and don't know what Ravelry is, go there now. You will be so inspired!