happy new year

Update! New Year, New Goals

Jordan Wells, Kadeja Gaines, and Keely Witkowski/b.fetching
As one of my friend's would say, it's been a minute. Meaning, quite a long time (haha). Here we are in 2017 and frankly I couldn't think of a better time to hop back on the blog, I've missed it! A lot has been going on this fall and somehow the time to write has been hard to find...

One of the reasons for this is I've actually been writing on another blog! This fall I became the Events Editor for MommyPoppins, a website devoted to any and all awesome kid activities in the Boston area (they're also in a bunch of other cities across the country). It's been fun! It's helped me feel connected to what's going on in the city and also involved in the family-friendly events I'm now interested in since I actually have a kid!
I've also been working a lot! I've had an on-going collaboration with the fab fitness blogger Tina of Carrots n' Cake. We meet up every couple of weeks to take photos of workouts, cooking healthy recipes, and even shooting a few videos. Tina also started a nutrition consultation and meal planning business with Kerrie of KFit Body called Designed to Fit and I've helped them out with photos and videos as well.
I also got to work with some really fun clients this fall, companies like Puma and Linx Dance Studio, and also some impressive individual fitness gurus:
Around the holidays I even wound up doing a bunch of family shoots for friends and neighbors and I LOVED it! Kids are so funny to work with and with a little patience (ok - a lot of patience) and a good sense of humor, we were able get some memorable shots. Some even wound up on holiday cards:
2016 was a hard year for a lot of reasons. I am focusing on the many positive things that came out of it as well, and there were a good amount of those. 2017 is looking bright so far and I'm excited to share what's coming up- more FitMom interviews, fitness photos, studio work and reviews, and everything in between.

Happy New Year! What are you looking forward to in 2017?

Happy 2015! and December #Instagram Round-up

I took a much needed work break over the holidays, opting to leave my laptop at home while visiting family in New England and the Midwest. It felt good but now I'm happy to be back and looking forward to a productive 2015!

Here's what December looked like on Instagram:
Special thanks to Hub Health for putting my Instagram account on their "13 Local Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following Now!"

Hope you had a wonderful holiday season! What are you plans for 2015?