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Reach for the Sky: Turkish Get-ups from Above

Trying to figure out a different way to photograph the various stages of a Turkish get-up, I decided to try an aerial view! My studio has a large support post in the middle of it which usually gets in my way but this time it worked to my advantage - I climbed up and got to see things from a whole different perspective. Thanks to Kim Venti of Swell Fitness for modeling!

Photographing Runners and Athletes: My Interview on Point and Shoot

Over the summer I was a guest on a local cable access show, Point and Shoot, hosted by photographer Susan Hagstrom. Susan interviews other photographers in the area, discusses their process with them, reviews some of their work, and then gets video of them in action. We shot the video at the cable studio in Hingham and then on location at my studio and in my yard. It was really fun! I was nervous but I've been told I don't look like I am in the video. :)

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Creating a Fantastical Group Photo with @TurnstyleCycle. #MoveDifferent

note: photo is intentionally blurry. keep reading.
It's not every day I receive a proposal like the one Rich Downing of Turnstyle Cycle sent me last winter. He was looking for a group shot of his team (ok, no problem, I can do that)... but with a twist. Here were a few of his ideas:

Tentative Proposal
Team photo of a fantastical scene, with the goal of creating an image that looks more like an album cover for Empire of the Sun than a standard fitness photo. The final product may include a scene with the following elements:

- Cycle instructors riding bikes that are half animal
- TRX instructors swinging TRX straps as if they are weapons (balls and chains)
- The backdrop of an enormous Sun that is eclipsed by Turnstyle's unique "Instructor Halo"

Ummm... ok! I didn't know exactly how this was going to be executed but it sounded like way to much fun to pass up so I said yes. I did some photo illustration back in school which I loved but had not had an opportunity to do since. Rich had seen some of that work and liked it so he knew what I could do (I explained to him that it would not look totally realistic but luckily that was the point!). 

So we set to work. I had to figure out all of the elements needed for the photo and collect them. To get the instructors, we set up a shoot at Turnstyle's location in Kendall Square where I shot them individually on a white seamless. 
Turnstyle's Laura Mucci was both model and make-up artist for our shoot
The animal photos were gathered through stock websites and the background pieces were photos I already had (Swiss Alps!) or I created them in Photoshop (it turns out there are a ton of "Night Sky" Photoshop tutorials online, so freakin' cool). 
custom sky background created in Photoshop
These wolves were a sweet find on iStockPhoto
remember my trip to Switzerland?
It finally all came together and they decided to use the image to help promote the launch of their second location at Ink Block in the South End! Are you ready to see the final non-blurry image?? Just click to their website and let me know what you think :)

Instagram Round-Up: Fall

It's been a while since I did one of these, huh?! Here's a sampling of what's been going on around here this fall- porch decorating, Halloweening, figuring out how to work the heating system in the new house, photo shootin', farm-to-table dinners, beach walks, Indian summer days, cheering at the New York City Marathon, etc. Looking forward to what the rest of the season brings!

How has your fall been so far?

New! Fitness Photography + Web Design

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have already seen this but I wanted to announce it on the blog here too! I've recently partnered with the fantastic team at patientMoon Web Design to offer a new service to our friends in the fitness industry. We've created three packages to help individual instructors and trainers market themselves; each package offers a variety of services but all three include a brand new website and a photo session with me! Sweet!

We designed these packages with busy fitness professionals in mind- we take care of your website and photos, you focus on your teaching and training. Sounds pretty good, right?

If you're ready for more info, just visit our website or send me an email with any questions or comments you have. I'd love to hear from you!

Instagram Round-up: March

Find me on Instagram at @luciephoto
March came in like a lion... and, well, went out like a lion too. I kept busy with fitness shoots and also shooting the bulk of my Boston Marathon 2014 photo project (now on display at Sweetgreen!). I also made it to the aquarium and the opening of Sweetgreen in Fort Point (the non-fitness photos in my instagram feed- yes, there are a few).

How was your month??

Why I Run: A Boston Marathon 2014 Photo Project at Sweetgreen in Boston

I'm happy to say that after many hours of coordinating shoots, photographing the runners (in all kinds of winter weather!), typing up their stories, printing, framing and hanging... the show went up this morning! I'm so pleased with how it came out and I couldn't be more proud. Along with the photos, there are bios of the runners including their names, where they live in Boston, their occupations, how many marathons they've run, and why they run. Those running for charity have QR codes in their bios that link to their fundraising pages. Sweetgreen has gorgeous brick walls which the pieces really stand out on.
Thanks to everyone who helped out this morning, including Rachel Chemerynski who handles the regional marketing at Sweetgreen and made this whole thing happen (she also took that pic of me!). If you're interested in checking out the show, it will be up for the month of April. Please stop by and let me know what you think!

659 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116

To view the project online and read more about it, please visit the website

#BostonMarathon Project Update + Photography Exhibit at #Sweetgreen

From top left: Chrissy Horan, Natalie Mazzetta, Erica Soma, Ali Baldassare
Whew, what a month it's been! My project on Boston Marathon runners is going strong - I've photographed somewhere around 20 runners and I have 4 or 5 to go! I also created a website where I've started to share the photos and the stories that go along with them-

In addition to the awesome online support coming in, I'm excited to announce that the project will be a show on display at Sweetgreen on Boylston Street! When my friends from Boston Handmade encouraged me to seek out a space (preferably along the marathon route) to exhibit the work, I immediately thought of my friend Rachel Chemerynski who does marketing and community outreach at Sweetgreen located right at the marathon finish line-
Luckily, she loved the idea and now the work will be on display at the store during the month of April! There is also going to be an event in conjunction with Sweetgreen's passport program prior to the Marathon. The show goes up on April 5 so if you find yourself in the Back Bay at that time, definitely swing by the store and check it out! 

659 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116

Fitness and Dance Photography: Move Sweat Love with Ali

 Here's Ali! You may remember her from a shoot I did last year outside on the Greenway. This year she wanted something different so we took it inside and got these fitness and dance portraits (that I particularly love in black & white!). Styled by b.fetching, hair & make-up by Jordan Wells:
Thanks again, Ali! You're a rockstar! See you in class :)

Fitness Photography: Personal Trainer Dan

When I met Equinox personal trainer Dan, he had been training hard. His girlfriend, Laura, had given him a challenge- to step outside his comfort zone. Dan did this by signing up for a Tough Mudder, and following all of the advice he gives to his clients- eating consciously, and increasing his workout intensity. In the end he wound up losing 10% body fat in 12 weeks and Laura added a bonus- a photo shoot to document the result of all of his dedication and hard work. I was honored to capture Dan's progress in these photos: 

And of course we had to get a shot of Laura too-

Thanks again Dan and congrats on reaching your fitness goals!

Yoga Photography: Jacqui

I was so happy when Jacqui said she wanted to do our yoga shoot at the Arnold Arboretum, one of my favorite places since childhood AND just an overall fantastic place to for photos. Jacqui is a yoga and Pilates instructor and she was very interested in a shoot that had a nature element to it. The arbs was the perfect place and we agreed that shooting in the evening was the perfect time: 
Thanks again Jacqui!

New Fitness Class in Boston: Barre & Soul with Andrea Isabelle Lucas

There's a new class in town! When yoga instructor Andrea Isabelle Lucas told me she wanted shots of her new yoga-infused barre class, Barre & Soul, I was more than happy to help her out. We staged the shoot at Lexington Power Yoga where she is currently offering the class (according to the website, it's coming soon to Equinox!)-

 After the class we did some portraits of Andrea in her favorite poses too-

Love her shirt- "If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission." Thanks again Andrea! For more information on Barre & Soul, check out the website:

Yoga Photography: Jessica

Meet Jess! Jess is a yoga instructor (with a serious interest in fashion!). When she hired stylist Keely Witkoski to help create a look for our shoot and Keely took one look at her closet, she knew fashion had to be incorporated into the yoga theme. Here's what we created with this in mind:

Such a fun shoot! Thanks again Jess!

Stylist: Keely Witkowski, B. Fetching
Hair/Make-up: Jordan Wells

Fitness in Boston: Free Summer Classes

The Boston fitness scene is booming! One of the major perks of working with fitness professionals in Boston has been learning about all the cool fitness-related events going on in the city. I decided to start a new feature on my blog to share them with you all, sound good??

First post! There are so many *free* fitness happenings going on all summer long that are definitely worth taking advantage of. Here are a few coming up in the next few weeks to check out:

6/21: Yoga and Pilates instructor Jacqui Mimno will be teaching a free Summer Solstice Shape-up class outside of Equinox Franklin Street on Friday, June 21 at 11:45am.

6/22: The North End Health and Beauty Alliance is having its first annual NEWHBA-fest 2013 on Saturday, June 22 at Christopher Columbus Park. There will be several fitness classes, exhibitors and performers throughout the day.

The W Hotel is hosting a series of free classes on Monday evenings in June called TURN UP THE BEAT: Cardio Pilates Bootcamp with Ali Baldassare. Guaranteed to make you sweat (I've taken this class, it's intense)!

Norman B. Leventhal Park is offering a summer series of classes in PO Square including yoga with Kendall Covitz (On an Inhale). Check out their Facebook page for a complete schedule.

Crossfit at the Greenway: Every Wednesday in June from 6:00-7:00pm, City Sports is sponsoring free CrossFit sessions led by an instructors from Reebok Crossfit Back Bay.

Spectacle Island: this Boston Harbor Island is hosting a variety of fitness events throughout the summer including Let's Move! Fitness Programs and Island Yoga. For a complete schedule of activities, click here.

Did I miss any? Let me know!

What are you doing to stay fit this summer?

Dance Photography Workshop with Lois Greenfield

In April, I had the honor of attending a weekend-long workshop with world-renown dance photographer, Lois Greenfield, at her studio in NYC. Lois has worked with many dance companies over there years and has perfected the art of shooting dancers doing what they do best. During the workshop, we were each given about 15 minutes with one or two dancers- coming up with a short routine, finding the right costumes, and the shooting it! Here are a few I captured during my time behind the camera (all photos Β©Lucie Wicker/Lois Greenfield Workshop 2013)

Dancer: Gisela Quinteros

Gisela Quinteros

Dancers: Edgar Peterson and Andrea Pugliese

Dancers: Edgar Peterson and Andrea Pugliese

Stephanie Van Dooren

Stephanie Van Dooren

Robert Vail and Stephanie Van Dooren

I was even able to get some fitness-inspired "acro yoga" type shots with these two willing dancers!

Robert Vail and Fana Tesfagiorgis

Robert Vail and Fana Tesfagiorgis

Robert Vail and Fana Tesfagiorgis

Robert Vail and Fana Tesfagiorgis

Our dancer models were all so talented and kind- so fun to work with! Overall it was a fantastic weekend and learning experience. Thanks Lois and team!

Fitness Photography: Boxer Shannon of the Nonantum Boxing Club

When Shannon walked into our shoot and announced that she liked everything she's seen that I've done and that she'd do whatever I thought would be cool for the shoot, I knew we would have some fun. Since she loves boxing and owns a gym, the Nonantum Boxing Club, with her husband, we started with some jabs and crosses before moving outside and changing things up. She also brought the awesome Everlast wraps and pink gloves which made for great props.

love these gloves!

Thanks again to Shannon for an awesome shoot! To see more photos, head on over to my Facebook fan page:

disclaimer: this post does contain affiliate links, all opinions are my own.

Fitness Portrait Shoot with Personal Trainer Kristin Lorenze

Meet Kristin Lorenze! Kristin trains clients privately and also at Get In Shape For Women in Wellesley, MA. Kristin came to me looking for photos for her new website and marketing materials.

She wanted some shots to submit to magazines that feature fitness professionals, like Oxygen Magazine. We did a few clean shots like this before moving on to the more dramatic lighting set-ups...


Thanks to Kristin for a great shoot!