Boomerangs and AIDS Action Committee

As I mentioned before in this post, for my final school project I was paired up with the AIDS Action Committee to complete a photo project for them. I was asked to document the process of donating to Boomerangs, their resale retail store where all the proceeds go to AAC (they get 20% of their funding from the sales!). The idea was to highlight the impact a donation has to their organization and why they are so important.

I visited each of their four locations and followed their truck that picks up furniture donations all over the city. Working with the Boomerangs and AAC employees was a fantastic experience, everyone was so friendly and helpful.

I took over a thousand but here is a slideshow of the 20 images I presented to the photo department:

You can also see some on the Boomerangs website!

Oscar Season: The Animated Shorts

Yay! It's Oscar season once again! A lot of interesting choices this year if you ask me... some odd balls, some more predictable ones (so... pretty much like every year...). Last year I scoured the internet for any of the shorts (animated or live action) that might be out on the web and I found quite a few. I did another search this year for the animated ones and could not find as many full versions but they all had trailers on their websites. Check them out-

Day & Night (on Vimeo.) official website here

The Gruffalo

The Lost Thing

Let's Pollute

Madagascar, carnet de voyage

I thought Madagascar looked particularly interesting (it's website too!).
What do you think of the nominees?

The Dude Abides...and Shoots

Thought this would be a good post, post. I found out from someone on Twitter the other day that Best Actor Oscar winner Jeff Bridges is also an avid WideLux photographer. Not only that, he has a website where he posts pictures he took while on film sets. It's wonderful!

His pictures are both striking and just plain fun. Plus he gives us film buffs a nice glimpse of what life is like on set and includes these great handwritten captions that explain what you're looking at. I love how the people in his pictures don't seem to notice or mind that he's even there. He's Jeff Bridges, aka the Dude (I wonder if that's gotten old to him?). He can do whatever he likes and it's cool.

Oscar Party in a Box

It's almost time! The Academy Awards are THIS Sunday at 8pm on so you better get your Oscar party items together. What? You've never had an Oscar party? *deep inhale* Well, it's never too late to start!

When I was a freshman in college, I received a package from my dad which turned out to be an "Oscar party in a box." This consisted of-

*ballots with all of the nominees, several copies
*festive paper plates and napkins
*nonpareils, raisinettes and microwave popcorn
*a wrapped prize (DVD of "Gladiator" which was nominated that year)I even think there may have been confetti involved... anyway, the concept was to fill out the ballots and whoever guessed the most winners took home the prize. Brilliant!
I remember, being 18, feeling somewhat concerned about what my friends would think of this idea. Would it be lame? I'm not sure why I was so worried since it was a huge hit which turned into something we all looked forward to every year. Even the people who could have cared less about the movies still got into the competitive spirit vying for the mystery prize (plus the free candy).

Need more ideas? One Pretty Thing has put together this awesome Oscar Party Roundup.

How are you celebrating? I hope it involved nonpareils!

Oscar Season Begins

It's that time again! The 82 Academy Award nominees have been released so it's time to start watching some movies. I always gets excited for them, the film major in me just can't help it, despite the fact I rarely go to the movies these days.

The first thing I do is I print out the list. I then check off all of the movies I have already seen and look up all the ones that are available on On Demand. Then I go to YouTube and listen to all of the Original Song and Original Score nominees, checking them off as I go.

This year I also googled the animated shorts and was pleased to find some available right online! Here's what I found-

French Roast
Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty
The Lady and the Reaper (La Dama y la Muerte)

I particularly enjoyed The Lady and the Reaper (great colors!) followed closely by French Roast.

What are your Oscar traditions?

Handmade Nation

Last Monday evening I ventured out into the cold and rain to 4th Wall Project where I caught the screening of Handmade Nation, a documentary by Faythe Levine (who was also in attendance) about the recent handmade movement in the US. Despite the weather, the place was packed with eager DIY aficionados. In the film, Faythe zigzags across the country, interviewing various crafters and artists in their workspaces and at local craft shows. It reminded me a lot of the series on "Handmade Portraits." Here is a clip of the opening credits which I particularly enjoyed:

It's always fun for me to see other artisans thriving and doing what they love. If you do to, I'd recommend picking up the DVD and giving it a look.

My Commute

Ben Affleck movie the Town in Boston's North EndHollywood has come to the North End and today Ben Affleck has transformed my route to work into a movie set. I walked right through it on my way home and while I did not have any celeb sightings, the former film student in me was still excited enough to go home and get my camera.
Ben Affleck movie the Town in Boston's North EndThe turned the laundromat into the "First Boston Savings" which gets robbed by some nuns with machine guns. We saw them outside of Pizzeria Regina on Wednesday. I think the van in front of those guys is the getaway car.

Ben Affleck movie the Town in Boston's North End
The movie is called "The Town" and is coming out next year.

Get Excited

Oh wow this looks....fantastic...

Wes Andersen + Roald Dahl + stop motion... can it get any better than that?! Oh yeah! Check out the cast. I don't know who I am most excited about. As a former film student who began making my own stop motion films when I was 10, November 13 cannot come fast enough now :)