Putting Photos to Work

I thought it might be interesting to do a post on some of the ways my clients are using the images we create together. Generally they are looking for photos for marketing purposes- websites, flyers, postcards, blogs, Facebook fan pages, etc. Here are a few examples of how some of the photos are getting put to work!

Last fall I did a shoot for activewear company, DA Active. This is a preview of their Fall 2013 line which they showed at the Surf Expo in Orlando, FL.

 Pilates guru, Jennifer Phelan, used the images to advertise Pilates events she was teaching around the city, including one sponsored by Zico Coconut Water.

 Websites! Most of my clients are looking for quality photos for their websites and here are a few examples! From top left:,,,

A little inspiration can go a long way. Lauren of Sweat with Lauren Hefez used this photo and quote to inspire her followers on instagram.

Do you need photos too?? Let me know!

Product Photo Shoot: Lady Dye Fiber Arts & Design

This is from the product shoot I did for Lady Dye Fiber Arts & Design. She wanted some colorful, fun photos of her work, hand-dyed yarn, for her new website. Since she dyes all of her yarn and even spins some too, we did photos of not only her finished products but what goes into the process as well.

Product shots and maybe a head shot or two are all that she wanted but I convinced her to pose for this photo illustration with her tossing her yarn in the air. I couldn't resist, and she loved the final result!

Screen Printed T-Shirt by Evan Webster Ink

Our Boston Handmade annual meeting took place last weekend and one of the highlights of the meeting is the gift exchange. The gifting is anonymous so you never know who your contribution might wind up with. I picked this sweet silk screened t-shirt by Evan Webster. It is part of his series of shirts of streets that make up various neighborhoods in Boston. This one is Fenway! Which could not be more perfect for me. :) I love the color as well as the design and it's also super comfortable.

Thanks Evan!

Collaborating with Graphic Designers

When we were in our Product and Still Life class, we got to work with the graphic design students on a poster project. They worked as our art directors, telling us their concepts, what they need for the photos, etc. I worked with three of the designers, one being Tara Lindberg who needed photos of records and a record player for her "Record Store Day" poster concept. Turns out records are harder to shoot than we thought! We got it though, and I thought her final poster looked pretty awesome-

And the final!
(Click on it to make it bigger)

New Print to Share: Boston Skyline

First of all- Happy Summer! It's nice and hot here in Boston (at least it looks like it is from my office window) after a short but exciting thunderstorm yesterday. I had already gotten all of my stuff in the house after Sowa and was putting the last box away when it started, what timing. My dad, Apollo, and I watched the storm from our porch for a little while which I loved.

Today I'm posting a new print available now in my Supermarket shop. I'm going back to my Boston roots with this one, combining some cool, distressed typography and a skyline photo I took last summer from the Salem Ferry in the Boston Harbor.

It is an 8Γ—10" print (printed on Epson ultra premium luster photo paper) mounted in an 11Γ—14" mat board. Mat board is signed. It is available in other sizes as well, email me for details.

New Banners

It's Friday night and guess what I'm doing! Partying, going wild, living it up? Wrong! I just finished creating two new banners I'm ordering from Instant Sign Center just in time for show season to start. I was a bit of a wuss with the size (they're only going to be 10x24") but it is my first time doing anything like this so I'm excited. No more handwritten-in-Sharpy signs for me!

What do you think?

Fun with Fabric

I really wanted to be productive last night in some capacity. I didn't feel like cleaning (surprise!) so I curled up with my laptop and went to Spoonflower. This is an exciting new website that allows people to come up with their own designs, upload them and have them printed on fabric. Genius!

I don't have much use for fabric these days but I do enjoy designing so I decided to try out a few ideas. Maybe someday I will order some fabric and commission one of my sewer friends to create something for me with it. A pillow perhaps...

Spoonflower is still in the beta stage but it has a lot of promise. Some ideas they have are allowing designers to sell their fabric creations right from the site. They also have a great blog with lots of updates and even a weekly fabric design contest. There are already a ton of designers on there so feel free to browse what they have. Some even sell their Spoonflower fabric in their etsy shops!