Review of a @CreativeLive Class, "SkillSet: Best of Lighting"

Note: I received the product mentioned in this post for free from CreativeLive. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. All opinions are my own. Thanks!

As I mentioned last month, I recently signed up for a class with CreativeLive, a site that offers more than 1500 classes online taught by experts across a variety of topics. With so many intriguing photography-related options, I went with SkillSet: Best of Lighting which featured the highlights of a bunch of lessons taught by well known photographers. The class included hours and hours of footage; honestly I haven't even made it through all of them yet (but I definitely will!). Since I have the class to keep, it's there whenever I log into CL and I can pick up right where I left off. I really appreciated this feature.

Some things I learned from the segments I watched:
  • V-flats are easy to make and work well for portraiture with both natural and artificial light.
  • Sometimes one light is all you need (something I knew but it was nice to have it reiterated by other pros).
I really enjoyed the Joel Grimes segment of the class about photographing action because it involved a lot of what I do in my work. It was cool to see how another photographer works and gave me some things to think about. I liked to see both the things we do in common and the things we do differently. I also like that he really emphasized picking one thing you like shooting and then doing it over and over to get really good at it. My favorite quote from his talk was when he said, "I didn't get here because of talent. I get here because of hard work." Amen!

Did you take this class along with me? I'd love to hear your thoughts if you did! If not and you'd like to check it out or try another one, here's the code for 20% off: ISHARE20

Let me know what you thought and thanks again to CreativeLive!

Trying Out a @CreativeLive Class

Model Credit: Vanessa Delegas
Note: I received the product mentioned in this post for free from CreativeLive. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. All opinions are my own. Thanks!

Like many photographers, I’ve been spending this winter doing all kinds of administrative projects; updating the website, working on a marketing plan, and exploring continuing education options. In a creative profession, you really have to continue learning in order to grow, keep your work fresh, and not become bored with repeated techniques.

When I was approached by CreativeLive to try out one of the online classes they offer in exchange for sharing the experience here and on social media [note: this post does contain affiliate links], I jumped at the chance. I had heard good things about CL but had never purchased a class before. CreativeLive has over 1500 that cover a variety of topics - business, marketing, audio/video, art/craft/design, and, of course, photography. I spent ages pouring over their class offerings trying to decide which one to take (there were so many photographers I recognized!). I finally settled on one called β€œSkillSet: Best of Lighting.”

I chose this class because although I do consider myself to be proficient in lighting, there’s always more to learn and I am curious to see how other photographers work. This class features several photographers whose work I admire (Sue Bryce, Joey L, and Joel Grimes to name a few). It’s a collection of highlights from some of their other classes on CreativeLive and I thought it would be a good intro to what CL offers. These photographers have been in the business for so many years and I’m really looking forward to picking up tips and tricks from them.

If this sounds like something you’d like to try too, why don’t you take the class with me?? Once you purchase the class, it’s yours to keep and you can watch at your own pace, checking out each segment when you can or binge watching the whole thing. Need another incentive? Here’s a 20% off code for your first CL class (either this one or whichever one looks interesting to you!):  ISHARE20

Let me know if you’re in (or if you’re trying something else). Happy learning!

New Yoga Studio Review: YogaWorks Chestnut Hill

I'm a big fan of yoga but I especially love it in the winter. Stretching in a warm studio, feeling that burn, and the strong sense of zen left after a quality class is especially appreciated this time of year. With a new YogaWorks location opening at Chestnut Hill, I was invited to their opening weekend to try out a class. I picked a Vinyasa Flow class taught by Alissa Portet.
The new space is located downstairs in a large building and it feels cozy and welcoming when you walk in. The class was packed for a cold Superbowl Sunday but I grabbed a spot and they didn't run out of mats or props. Alissa led a nice, energizing flow and I found her cues particularly specific and helpful. Muscles I didn't even realize I had were burning in no time.
After the class I checked out some awesome vendors they had in the lobby in celebration of opening weekend including a Juice Press, Dosha Bar, and Health Ade - the best kombucha I've ever tried. 

With the classes and workshops being offered in addition to the friendly staff and knowledgable teachers, I think this studio will be a welcome addition to the Chestnut Hill area. Check it out and let me know what you think!
Have you tried any cool new studios lately? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear about them!

Fitness in Boston: Barre to Bar at Exhale Battery Wharf

 When I found out that Exhale Battery Wharf Spa was offering a "Barre to Bar" deal where you take a core fusion class then head to the Fairmont's restaurant, Aragosta, for drinks and apps, I was immediately intrigued. Exercise followed by cocktails? Sign me up!
Living down the street from Exhale, I've been meaning to get over there for a class so this was the perfect excuse. I had been once before but that was for a photo shoot with one of their instructors, Meg Scannell (post coming soon). As luck would have it, Meg was our teacher for the class too.

First the workout- what a burn! Core fusion is ballet-inspired and designed to tone every part of the body. I left feeling tighter and thoroughly worked but also relaxed- the class is all about focus and "targeted mindful muscle movements." It was one of the hardest classes I've taken and I really enjoyed it.
After the class, we headed over to Aragosta where we were treated to several hot appetizers and a "deep cleanse" cocktail which consisted of aloe, muddled mint, and gin. Ahhh! Everything was delicious and the staff was extremely friendly and accommodating. They even made gluten-free apps for some of the women in our group (which were excellent as well).

What better way to spend an afternoon? For more information about Barre to Bar (offered Monday through Friday) contact Exhale at 617-603-3100 or sign-up online at I'm already looking forward to doing it again! Thanks to Sam and Meg from Exhale for taking such good care of us and to Blog & Tweet Boston for organizing!

New Fitness Class in Boston: Barre & Soul with Andrea Isabelle Lucas

There's a new class in town! When yoga instructor Andrea Isabelle Lucas told me she wanted shots of her new yoga-infused barre class, Barre & Soul, I was more than happy to help her out. We staged the shoot at Lexington Power Yoga where she is currently offering the class (according to the website, it's coming soon to Equinox!)-

 After the class we did some portraits of Andrea in her favorite poses too-

Love her shirt- "If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission." Thanks again Andrea! For more information on Barre & Soul, check out the website: