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#BostonMarathon Runner Story: Will DiTullio for the Bill Belichick Foundation

When I first started photographing Boston Marathon runners, Will DiTullio was one of the first people who volunteered to share his story. Will had been a mile short of finishing the 2013 marathon when the bombs went off at the finish line where his family was waiting for him (and fortunately were not hurt). He's been running every year since and this year he is one of six runners raising money for the Bill Belichick Foundation.
Knowing Will is an avid sports fan, I thought this was really cool but it turns out there's more meaning to why he's so eager to run for this team. In 2009, Will's mom passed away from complications of Type I Diabetes. His father (also a huge Pats fan) was so grief stricken that Will decided to send an email to Bill Belichick asking him if he'd reach out to his dad as a way to try to cheer him up. And he did! He wrote a letter expressing his condolences and thanking him for his support as a fan which meant a lot to Will and his family. So this year Will is running for his foundation and he's raised over $11,000 so far. How awesome is that?!
Check out this CBS news feature on Will's story and donate to his fundraising efforts here:

Congrats Will and good luck on Monday!

Instagram Round-up: April

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Looks like I had a pretty good April? Well, I did! With all the excitement from the Boston Marathon, some fun social engagements, and trying a new fitness class, it was a great way to enjoy the start of spring in Boston. Now that it's finally starting to warm up, I'm looking forward to a bunch of outdoor activities (post coming soon!) and some cool upcoming photo shoots.

How are you enjoying spring?

Recap from a Boston Marathon 2014 Spectactor

Hello Finish Line!
Marathon Monday was truly a special day. The sun was out, the crowds were animated, there was so much excitement in the air, you could feel it, I swear! I walked from the North End with two friends down to Boylston Street (through two security checkpoints!) and then on to Beacon Street where we settled in at the 40k mark. We got there early enough to see the elites finish and stayed until almost 7pm. There was so much to see, the afternoon really flew by! Here are some of my favorite shots:
Lots of cheers for these guys. 
Rita Jeptoo breaking records, less than two miles from her 3rd Boston win.
Shalane Flanagan flying by.
So proud that American Meb Keflezighi won this year. What a year to win!
My vantage point for most of the day.
My runner buddies! 
I didn't catch as many of my runner friends as I wanted to; it turns out trying to spot 26 people in a crowd of 36,000 is not so easy and the tracking app crashing halfway through did not help. Still managed to spot a few and a couple even spotted me!

We had a few celeb sightings too-
Uta Pippig, 3 time Boston Marathon winner; elite runner Ryan Hall; and Boston's own Joey McIntyre!
Sooo many characters...
Finishing no matter what.
Such a memorable day, I'm so glad I was able to join in with the rest of my city to celebrate this 118 year old tradition! One of the many things that makes this place so damn special.
Did you watch the marathon this year?? I'd love to hear where you were and what you thought!

4 Boston Marathon Handmade Gift Ideas

The Boston Marathon is in 4 days and I could not be more excited to cheer on all 36,000 people running on Monday! With so many Boston Marathon themed items in shops all over the city and online, I wanted to highlight a few handmade goodies I've come across that were inspired by the infamous upcoming race-
This gorgeous 2014 Boston Marathon Print is by my friend Jenn of JHill Design which is part of her Sports Map series. Through April 31, get FREE personalization- just order the personalized print and use code RUN2014 at checkout. Include the year or the runner's time, runner's name and bib number.
Bev Feldman of Linkouture designed this lovely chaimaille bracelet complete with handmade runner charm. Bonus- she's donating 20% of sales of the bracelet to the One Fund!
I discovered this print in a blog post by the designer, Lindsay of Warren Tales, that said she was inspired by my Boston Marathon photo project- I was so flattered! I love the fun font and concept of this marathon route print which she is offering as a 9x16" and as notecards.
Running the marathon? Stop by Old South Church on Boylston Street and get a handmade scarf! The Old South Knitters group started a Marathon Scarf Project this year asking knitters to donate handmade scarves in the BAA yellow and blue for the athletes. As they said on their website, "In this year of Remembrance and Hope, our vision is to wrap each runner in the love poured into stitches of handmade blue and yellow scarves. We promise to wrap runners in your love until all your scarves are distributed."

What are your favorite Boston Marathon finds?

Why I Run: A Boston Marathon 2014 Photo Project at Sweetgreen in Boston

I'm happy to say that after many hours of coordinating shoots, photographing the runners (in all kinds of winter weather!), typing up their stories, printing, framing and hanging... the show went up this morning! I'm so pleased with how it came out and I couldn't be more proud. Along with the photos, there are bios of the runners including their names, where they live in Boston, their occupations, how many marathons they've run, and why they run. Those running for charity have QR codes in their bios that link to their fundraising pages. Sweetgreen has gorgeous brick walls which the pieces really stand out on.
Thanks to everyone who helped out this morning, including Rachel Chemerynski who handles the regional marketing at Sweetgreen and made this whole thing happen (she also took that pic of me!). If you're interested in checking out the show, it will be up for the month of April. Please stop by and let me know what you think!

659 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116

To view the project online and read more about it, please visit the website

Instagram Round-up: February

And what a long cold month it was! The freezing temps and snow were clearly reflected in my posts for February, there was just no letting up. As much as I dislike the cold, it can be beautiful sometimes! I've also been pretty busy photographing fitness instructors and marathon runners too. Looking forward to some warmer posts soon, how have you been distracting yourself from the cold this winter?!

Personal Photo Project: Boston Marathon 2014

Dan Fitzgerald and the South End Athletic Company Run Club
As some of you know by now, I've decided to start a personal project about people from Boston running the 2014 Boston Marathon. It started with the idea of shooting a few of my friends who were running and has expanded to friends-of-friends and people I've connected with through various social networks, all living and training in the Boston area.

While they all run for different reasons- charity, personal goals, health, all of the above- they are all passionate about these reasons and long distance running. Even though the marathon takes place in the spring, obviously a lot of the training goes on during the worst times of the year and I wanted to highlight this (I find this particularly admirable and impressive!). 
Nichole Bukowski; Ian Nurse and the B.A.A. Run Club
Living in Boston, this particular marathon holds a special place in these runners' hearts (and mine too) and even if they have run it in the past, I think this year will be particularly fulfilling. I'm so pleased they have been willing to take the time to tell me their stories and let me photograph them. I'm planning to feature each one of them here on the blog and their collective stories on my website/various other online platforms so stay tuned! Lots of running to come!