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#YogaMama Series with Kristin

I recently did a collaboration with my yogi friend Kristin Niemi. We did a few shoots together; in the first one she was 31 weeks pregnant and in the following one she had a two week old. We tried to recreate some of the photos from the first shoot with little baby Parker in place of her baby bump in the second shoot.

I knew we would need help handling a newborn in addition to everything else with the shoot so I asked my maternity/newborn/family photographer friend, Sarah Hinchey, to help us out. We couldn't have done it without her; she was a true baby whisperer!

Not all of the poses were exactly the same; we were being as gentle as possible with Kristin and what she was comfortable for her was our first priority. I still love seeing the photos side by side! What do you think?

Coming soon - Kristin before-and-after with a 4 month old!