Back to the Blog - a Restart

yesterday morning at Cohasset Harbor. Ahhh...

It's been quiet over here, hasn't it? I guess having a baby will do that to a blog sometimes. Now that things are settling down on the home front (getting the hang of parenting, baby settling into a quasi-routine, the dog back up and walking), I've been thinking a lot about what I'd like things to look like going forward. One thing I definitely would like to get back into on a regular basis is blogging.

I love the communities that develop with blogs and how people within those communities can turn to each other for advice and inspiration. I've been using blogs for years to learn more about so many different topics - photography, eating clean, parenting, etc - and I would love it if I could help others do the same. Going forward I hope to cover a variety of things including:

-fitness photography: what I'm doing in my work and also featuring other photographers
-FitMomTalks: readers are loving this series and I'm excited to keep it going!
-my own fitness goals: I'm restarting my own personal fitness regimen and I would love to use this blog to help stay accountable
-ETC: parenting challenges, what I'm learning alone the way, South Shore living, *travel*... all the other things going on in life!

So how does that sound? Will you join me? 

Expanding my Audience

I've always loved to write. From writing and illustrating my own stories in grade school to minoring in journalism in college, it's just something I've always been drawn to. I fell into blogging after joining Boston Handmade back in 2008 and now I'm wondering why I didn't start sooner. Aside from being a great way to share information quickly, it's become a perfect way for me to express myself and really, it's just plain fun.

In fact, I like it so much that I started writing for other blogs! Here ya go:

Photographers of Etsy: I'm writing a bi-monthly article highlighting some of the cool travel photography found on Etsy by members of the Photographers of Etsy team. It posts every other Wednesday and each week has a location theme.

Examiner: As the Boston Neighborhood Photography Examiner, I write about anything in the Boston area regarding photography- events, exhibits, the best places to shoot, etc. This is actually a paying gig so please check it out and subscribe! That would rock.

Boston Handmade: The blog that started it all! I post here about anything art-related at least once a month (days vary).

That's it for now but there may be more in the future. Check out those sites, comment, subscribe, and let me know what you think!

Spring Happenings in Boston and Online

A few new things I just wanted to mention with the help of some bullet points:
  • I will be at Sowa Open Market this weekend, both days, for their opening weekend. This year there are a few other incentives to stop by- the brand new Sowa Vintage Market and the annual Sowa Art Walk. All within the same couple of blocks! You may have to come both days just to see it all...
  • My friend and fellow BH member, Chris O'Brien, started a blog recently called Digital Mixed. It's a fantastic resource for digital mixed media artists or those interested in mixed media behind-the-scenes. Now I don't have to constantly bug her with my "how did you do that?" questions! Which she was always happy to answer, I should add. :)

"Maine Moonscape" by Chris O'Brien


Happy Friday!

I hope you have great things lined up for this weekend!

I want to thank Beth Peardon for featuring my Brant Point Sunset picture in her blog post on the BBest Team Blog. The BBEST Team is a vibrant and talented group of Etsians aged 40+ who are dedicated to Etsy which is synonymous with quality handmade items. The other photographers she highlighted (all members of the Photography of Etsy Team) are so amazing, I'm humbled to be featured with them! Thanks again Beth!

A New Blog to Peruse

I've recently been getting more and more into the amazing blogs out there for artists, art lovers and handmade enthusiasts. One of my new favorites (well, new to me) is Modish, a lovely handmade design and style blog. The brains behind this blog, Jena Coray, has recently created a new site- Modish BIZtips. This site seems to be structured around helping YOU the artist make your business a success. It is broken down into daily themes-
  • Monday: biz basics 101, start up tips
  • Tuesday: a series on self-employment
  • Wednesday: marketing! marketing! marketing!
  • Thursday: money matters, topics on selling, customer service
  • Friday: reserved for motivation, encouragement and pep talks
I'd recommend checking it out, I think it will be a valuable tool for artists, writers and small business owners alike!