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Instagram Round-up: February

And what a long cold month it was! The freezing temps and snow were clearly reflected in my posts for February, there was just no letting up. As much as I dislike the cold, it can be beautiful sometimes! I've also been pretty busy photographing fitness instructors and marathon runners too. Looking forward to some warmer posts soon, how have you been distracting yourself from the cold this winter?!

Winter Snow Storm Report

As I'm sure many of you know, Boston was hit pretty hard by a massive snow storm a few weekends ago. It was fun to watch from the inside but I did wander out a few times to get these shots:

The night before...

...and morning after!

Apollo the snow beagle was loving it. Sounds like we can expect more snow tonight, I hope everyone in the Northeast stays warm and safe!

Birthday Beagle

Today is my silly little dog's sixth birthday. I gave him a little scrambled egg as a present but he still felt the need to steal a biscuit off the counter when I left the room. I guess he thought he deserved more. We're going to go on a long walk now to burn off breakfast.

Happy Birthday Apollo!

More Dogs

Last week my brother and I took Apollo and Koko, his friend's dog he was dog-sitting for, to the Arboretum. Once again, I was reminded that just because pitbulls are sometimes trained to be aggressive, without that kind of training they can be really sweet dogs! Koko was extremely friendly and playful, she and Apollo hit it off right away as you can see from the photo below. She is deaf so my brother used hand signals she'd learned to give her commands. Amazing!


Puppy in the Garden

This weekend I checked out my friend's garden (really a mini-farm) and also got to meet Akira, this adorable 4-month-old lab/husky mix. She was both chill and playful which is rare in a puppy! She was also nice enough to let me take a few photos of her-


We also witnessed a first time potato harvest-

Hooray It Is May

I know, I know, I've been a bad blogger lately. I've been really busy at school but I'll post some photos showing what we're up to tomorrow, I promise! Until then, here are some photos of Apollo frolicking in the arbs last Sunday. As you can see, the weather was pretty close to perfect. Happy Spring!

Yes, he takes the T home.

Zero New Washington Street Dog Park

It was 70 degrees on Friday so Apollo and I decided to check out a new dog park we've been hearing about in Somerville. He had a blast; all the dog walkers were bringing their "clients," and there seemed to be no less than 14 or 15 dogs there the whole time. There was a ton of room to run, balls to chase, things to climb on, tunnels to run through, etc. Another bonus is that there is plenty of free parking, but it was only a 5 minute walk from the Sullivan Square T stop too.

Making friends


Aaaaand spent.

Snow Beagle 2010

As you may have heard, Boston got a beatdown this week, snow-wise. It started on Sunday and pummelled us straight through Monday afternoon. The result was over a foot of the white stuff on the ground and today Apollo and I decided to venture out into it.

I made him sit next to a wall to show how high the drift was. Almost to his head!

Action shot. We invented a game where I throw a snow ball, and he chases and demolishes it. As you can see, he was very good at it.

Taking a breather.

Just another December in the northeast. Hope you're staying warm wherever you are!

Happy Saturday

My dad bought Apollo a monkey that laughs and flips over when its motion sensor goes off. The dog's reaction to the monkey (curiosity, fear, barking) we decided was worth capturing on video. I used the HD video recorder on my camera and wound up with this footage. Enjoy.

Otto (and the Beagle)

I have several knitting projects going on now, two being rather large and taking a lot longer than I thought they would, so back in August I decided to do a little side project. It was a "stashbuster," using up yarn (Tinkerbell by Peter Pan) I'd bought for no particular reason and now had nothing to do with. After much consideration, I finally decided the best use of the yarn would be to create a polar bear, specifically the one designed by Ysolda Teague(from Squam!) named Otto.

I fell in love with this knit pretty quickly; by the time his little pear-shaped head was done, you could really see where the project was going and I was eager to finish. I also decided he needed a scarf so I used a bit of leftover cotton in a seed stitch and voila. A little less nude bear.

The only tricky part was that I was using the magic loop method where the pattern called for DPNs, otherwise it was surprisingly simple.

Don't be fooled by the cuteness; the dog thought the bear was for him and desperately wanted to eat him.

You can see Ysolda's other sweet little animal patterns on her website or on Ravelry. To see what I'm working on, visit my Ravelry page here.

Beagle Ice Cream

I have the week off (!!!) so today my friend Mary treated me to ice cream at J.P. Licks. Since they now have a "dog sundae" (non-dairy ice cream sprinkled with treats), Apollo was treated as well. I think he was suspicious at first since the whole thing was for him but as you can see he dove right in-

Done! And let me tell you, that bowl was licked clean.

Apollo's Fourth of July

I wanted to share the pictures I took over the 4th of July weekend when we were in Fairhaven and New Bedford... and realized the majority of the pictures taken were of the dog. So here you go, Apollo enjoying the 4th of July in Southern MA:

Seth and Apollo at Fort Phoenix in Fairhaven, MA.

My parent's backyard in Jamaica Plain, one of his favorite hangouts.

And finally a non-beagle picture.

Accountability Blanket, Part 2

If it was a dog would be finished. But it's not and so I soldier on. Almost done with two balls a yarn, only 14 or 15 more to go! It's still been probably the most enjoyable knitting project I've ever worked on so I haven't lost steam yet. Each row is different, very few repeats, which really keeps it entertaining. Plus seeing how much Apollo liked it just motivated me to finish it for myself :)

Photo Tip Tuesday: Pet Portraits

I was inspired to write this post after reading this article by Kim Brebach from the Digital Photography School. Pets can be such fun subjects to shoot and people looove to see them! Just check out Flickr sometime if you don't believe me. Here are some tips I've come up with for better pet portraits:

1. Patience

Apollo on Seth's lap. He didn't just stick his tongue out on command! Patience...

This may seem like a no-brainer but it's definitely key when taking pictures of pets. For every good shot I have of an animal, I probably have about 15 losers. Just getting them to look at you and give you the time of day period is an exercise in patience! Take the time and be persistent.

2. Get Low

Katie the German Shepherd was grateful that I did not make her get up to take this shot.

If your pet is on the ground, get down there too. Your picture will look so much better if you are on their level, right there with them from their point of view. It's also probably not an angle you generally shoot from and it can be a cool perspective.

3. Fast shutter speed/high ISO

Considering how fast animals can move, make sure you have your shutter speed set accordingly. Shooting on an automatic setting does not usually do this for you. If you have the "action" setting option on your camera that looks like a
little running man, set it to that. If you're inside, consider a higher ISO. High ISOs can lead to graininess but you don't want a seriously blurred image so you can probably deal with some grain.

4. Stick a person in the shot

Abby getting a hug from Nicky

A person's relationship with their pet is special. Without posing them, just watch them interact and try capture those little moments. If the love is there, these pictures will just take themselves.

I have a few more tips on pet pics but I will save it for a later post. Have fun shooting!

Clean Toys, Happy Dog

After the sadness from earlier this week, our remaining pet, Apollo, has been getting a lot of attention as you can imagine. I cleaned out my studio which is where he hangs out during the day and when I did I tossed all of his toys in the wash. They came out all fluffy and drool-free, ahhh. The dog who loves his plushies as much as he loves rolling around on clean laundry was in heaven.

Sad News

It is with many tears that I announce the passing of my beloved rabbit, Ella. We woke up early this morning to what appeared to be the poor little thing having a seizure. She had several between then and the MSPCA but by the time we arrived, she was gone.

We are obviously devastated; she was out and playing yesterday and it's hard to imagine she is actually gone today. I'm trying not to think about all the things I could have done for her to avoid this and remember that sometimes there is nothing you can do, especially after the fact.

She was a wonderful pet and will be so missed. I have a feeling Apollo will be especially sad too. I'm grateful for all of the pictures we have to help us remember her and how much fun she was. I don't think people realize how interactive, affectionate, and playful a pet rabbit can be and she was definitely all of those things and more.

We love you Bunny.