1000 Markets

New Pieces, "Town" and "Lighthouse"

While I haven't lived on Nantucket in almost 5 years now, I took some of my favorite pictures out there and my mind still wanders back on a regular basis. At the urging of one of my friends I started a series of photo transfer panels inspired by the island and I recently added a few to my online shops:

nantucket town"Town," 8x10"

brant point lighthouse nantucket massachusetts"Lighthouse," 11x14"

"Town" was taken from the dock of the Steamship Authority (or maybe from the ferry itself) and the "Lighthouse" is Brant Point which sticks right out into Nantucket Harbor. I recently added these to my Supermarket and 1000 Markets shops.

Back on 1000 Markets

1000 Markets
While I never actually left 1000 Markets, the online marketplace similar to Etsy, I'd definitely been neglecting my account for a while. On a whim, I listed some new things on there the other day and noticed in my "stats" section that they were getting hits. Wow, that means people are on there looking! Who knew?! So I'm giving it another go, restocking my shop and giving it a bit of a makeover. I've also added a little shop "widget" to the side of my blog--->

If you get a chance, I recommend visiting the site and giving it a browse. The layout/design is very appealing and user friendly. Let me know what you think!


What a week! So last weekend, I moved all of my stuff out of my apartment because we are renovating. I would have "before" pictures of the place but honestly it was so bad I am a little embarrassed to show the public how we had been living. Maybe I will have some "during construction" and then "after" pictures, how about that?

Even though I have to move out of my home for a while, the good news is I have been taken in (animals and all!) by my lovely parents while my boyfriend Seth lives/works at the apt (his choice!). I set up my workspace in their dining room and settled right in. I have started printing cards and framing pictures all in preparation for the South End Market Opening Weekend which is rapidly approaching (eek).

I have also been busy on 1000 Markets:
Lucie Wicker Photography was invited to be a member of the new Passport market, " a vision of culturally influenced artistry." Lots of unique, worldly pieces in there.

KnightTimeDesign was accepted to be a new shop! I was a nervous about applying since I heard the jurying has been a little tougher lately but my illustrations got in and I am delighted. Since being accepted, I have joined two markets: Personally Yours (unique personalized gift items) and Papercraft ("astounding objects made of paper").

I hope that explains why I have been a little quiet here lately but I will be posting more often now that all of the moving is over (for now). TGIF!

Need wall art?

Woohoo! I applied and have been accepted into the newly launched Walls market on 1000 Markets. I think my work will be a good fit here and apparently they think so too! Plus I love their motto "decorate your personal space."

Here's what Walls is all about:

"Your space, should look like YOU! And your walls should express your individuality and bring you peace and contentment! This market is full of fun and unusual creations to decorate the walls in your home, office and even small pieces for those working in cubicles! Don't let that wall remain blank and empty! Fill it with creations from the "Walls" Market!"

They like their exclamation points, no? So go check out this brand new market, there's lots of eye candy to peruse!

Under the Boardwalk

The Beach House, 2009

I would like to take this time to say HAPPY FRIDAY and also to promote the new market I'm in on 1000 Markets. What is 1000Markets? It is a relatively new handmade selling website that has all kinds of delightful handmade products for sale. One special feature is their "markets"-
"Our markets are more than just collections of products;
they are full of people and stories. They have voices and

Our markets are large and small, broad and narrow. Some
have themes, like food, crafts, or art. Others cultivate a
sense of place around a region. And some exist simply
because the people in them share friendship or common
values. Each market fosters its own one-of-a-kind
community, always unique and interesting."

Fun! I am now a member of the Boardwalk market, a collection of coastal-themed work, which I think will be a good fit for me. It's still a pretty small group but items are lovely and fun to browse while stuck in the office and not at the beach...sigh...